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blair (profile) wrote,
on 12-13-2004 at 6:19pm
Current mood: moody
Music: come on closer, Jem.
Subject: your reaction to my action is what I want to see.
this song is so amazingly slutty. but damn, it's good. <3

I hung out with the most important people in my life yesterday, and one of them again - today. <3

I'll be starting my second job, probably Wednesday. But I'm going in tomorrow to get a feel for things.

I feel as if I am Santa, lately. I'm trying my darnedest to get gifts under the tree and the stockings filled. It's not very easy at all. I just want us to have a real Christmas. This is probably our last one together as a family.

And grades. Only four teachers have posted them. I have an A in biology, an A in bio lab, a B+ in ige 120 [consciousness and community], and a B in debate. Math is all that's missing. That should be a B, unless I miraculously pulled off an A with all of my missing homework. It's possible. <3 But once you consider how much I manage in my life, I try very hard to excuse my poor grades this quarter - in hopes of doing better next quarter. We shall see.
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