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puddlejumper526 (profile) wrote,
on 12-14-2004 at 6:12pm
Current mood: full / lazy
Music: BEST shit. the good old BEN FOLDS.
Subject: i will always love ben folds.
hello there.

here's something for you to ponder on. this was going to be a profiler, but nah. journal will do.

there's never gonna be a moment of truth for you,
while the world is watchin'.
all you needed is the thing you've forgotten,
and that's to learn to live with what you are.

so freak out if you wanna,
and I'll still be here.
don't call me for years and when you do,
ya I'll still be here.

i'm not saying the effort is a waste of time,
but I just love you for the things you couldn't change though you've tried.
these hours of confusion they will soon expire,
like everything... does.

gooood song.

you've got to learn to live with what you've got.
very influencial.

i'm such a hippy. haha. not because i state a life lesson, but because this music is hippish. haha. it's fucken awesome! what it really reminds me of is industrial, modern, new york, tall buildings & black and white. that's what woohu reminds me of too, that why i love ben folds and woohu because it seems so similar. i dunno, it's just the way i am.

but then i'll go back to the crossfade & breaking benjamin & cKy stuff & i'll rock out. [ with his cock out ] haha.

they say im nasty, but i dont give a
damn. -- getting boys is how i live.

haha, that's a bit too extreme for the random viewers who don't really know me to be labeling me for, so i'll stick with this in the journal as well.

ryan and kasey called me tonight & wanted me to take them to mini critters... oorrr not. sitting here sounds much much better.

i really need to stop snacking. i'm seriously going to get fat. i have 3 boxes of candycanes on my desk + 2 boxes of chocolate covered cherries and my mom bought doughnuts and a bunch of junk and i consitently eat it. i really don't care if it was something like a big dinner meal or something but this junk really is really starting to make me feel sick. then when we do eat a real meal it makes me feel worse because i was eating before hand so i feel REALLY full. yeah, gross.

winter formal. YAY, i'm so excited. nicole & jamie are going now too. nicole has a hair appt with karlie and i now too, i made it for her today. yay! + we might have 4 guys going with us. i think we're just going to consider us all a group instead of pairing off with somebody, it's better that way since nobody really is together / has a big thing going on, so we'll all be one big date, which is better anyway, more SUGA for ALi haha. either way it really doesn't matter, but the guys are letting us, tonight, know what they wanna do. so hopefully they'll come! otherwise it'll be just as fun.

love is a flame that can't be tamed
and though we are its willing prey, my darling
we are not the ones to blame

trust is a word all lovers know
the glorious art of staining souls, my darling
we are not the ones to blame
the more we have the more we want
and the more it hurts our hearts, my baby
it always ends up in tears

music owns my life. i love it. i need it. i want it.

again the burden of losing rests upon my shoulders
and its weight seems unbearable
your tomb is where your heart is,
i should have told her
but within me hid a secret so terrible

to cry is to know that you're alive
but my river of tears has run dry
i never wanted to fool you, no
but a cold heart is a dead heart
and it feels like I've been buried alive by love

if I should die before I wake
pray no one my soul to take
if I wake before I die,
rescue me with your smile

the more i listen to rock then more i love it and listen to it more.. it's consuming me. it's all i listen to anymore. its BEAUTIFUL.

i should clean my room, i've got stuff everywhere.

oh yeah, i think i've decided to not wear the 15 dollar pair of heels i bought, with my dress because it's quite pointless so i'm going to wear my black flip flops with the shiny black beads from TARGET, yeah!.. the ones that owned the summer, along with the SAME ones in pink. haha. fo sho.

so i should probably run along and clean my room real quick. then watch amazing race at 8.

DAMN i love having a journal.

much love
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