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justanotherface (profile) wrote,
on 12-14-2004 at 6:08pm
W00 hey I'm back, YAY!!!! wow, life is boring.


I am not at school today because I am UBER sick. I swear I can't go two minutes without coughing up another lung. And also because my lip is so swollen, and bruised. Fun huh.

Okies heres the story

I went to school yesterday. Sick as hell but determined to go cuz I've missed alot of school. I go and I'm stressed out..I don't really care about anything I just want quiet. I worked on my panda thing all first hour and almost all second hour, so I could have it done by fourth hour. I go to third hour and have to put up with all the bitches in that class. I so hate people like Lauri and Sarah. All they do is talk shit, but whatever right. So I finish my mask, which looks like shit but I really don't care. I'll go to summer school and make that class up if I have to I don't give a shit, theres no point in even trying to bring my grade up in that class. So I finish it. Listen to people bullshit and then I have to put up with Chris.

Chris is this freaky dude, who always looks like he has black eyes but thats just the way his eyes look and he has a really deep voice and he'll come up behind you and say shit like Boo in your ear really loud. Just annoying. He won't leave me alone in that class it drives me crazy.

So I go to wait for my fourth hour class and shit...and poof!! Mrs. Henderson isn't there. I worked my ass off for nothing. I stayed up the previous night till two for nothing. And worked all day...not cool.

So then the whole class has to go sit in Mr. Petersons class for the day. This kid John...annoying little motherfucker who wears the same thing over and over again...who lives in a trailer...with more than twenty cats. Everyone calls him litterbox. So anywayz this kid John has to debate Julio *this is a debate class with all of three people in it.*

So I'm sitting here listening to them debate or whatever sounding like a little kid sniffing my nose every twenty seconds. Then this gorilla guy with hair all over his body gets up to debate the same topic. All over again. Julio gets nervous infront of crowds. And this other kid named John from texas or whatever started laughing while Julio was talking. Julio gets all pissed and whatever and was like what the fuck are you laughing at fool. And shit so then John was like nothing not you shut up. You just don't tell a mexican to shut up, esspecially when they are in MBP like half of that fuckin school is. They'll kick your ass. So needless to say that started something. Julio was like we can take this outside and whatever. Jenna and other people were trying to tell him not to let this kid get to him. That doesn't work. * I am very timid and shy and because of what happened when I was little I can't stand it when guys start yelling. It scares the shit out of me. I hate it.* Mr Peterson then gets into it and goes on, saying that hes only given out 3 referals this year and shit. Then he goes on this speach about life and what it means and anger, and starts quoting Mark Twain and some other famous authors. Then goes into personal stories about how he had anger problems when he was younger. Just not fun. If you know Mr. Peterson he gets very passonate about what he says and sometimes that comes off as aggressiveness ya know. Needless to say SCARY!

So then I get onto the bus and we have to take the long way cuz Margartia is there. So I'm sitting there and I feel like I'm going to puke. Just sitting there then the under wire in my bra starts stabbing me. Not a very pleasant feeling. It was my fav bra too :(

So then I get off the bus and walk home. There are no lights on in the house and I'm just like okay maybe the power went out. All I wanted was medicine, some tissues and a bed. So I walk in and I'm like did power go out. Then all of the sudden they're yelling at me not to worry about it. So I'm fine whatever. I go to the bathroom cuz I gotta take a piss so I come out and I was like I don't suppose you got any tissues. And she was like I'm sorry I didn't I was to preoccupided. So I was like fine whatever. I go to my room and I lay down to go to sleep...but noo she comes in and is like get your shit for tomorrow your going to grandpas.

I started crying. I'll admit it. I'm sick. I want medicine...but didn't have any... I wanted tissues...but didn't have any...Now that I had finally gotten my was being taken away so I was like fine whatever lets leave then. Cuz I wanted to get over to my gramps so I could sleep.

So we get out to the car and I'm in the passenger seat and what not. My gramps is in the drivers seat and my grams is standing outside my dorr with it open and I was like grandpa could you please stop by the store and get me some medicine. And he was like fine whatever I suppose make me go broke blah blah blah bullshit. So then I started crying and was like just forget it. Then they both started yelling at me. I'm sitting there like can we just leave please can we just go. Then they are both in my face on like each side. So I'm trapped there with them yelling at me. I don't know maybe you had to have been there but I freaked out. I started yelling get the fuck away from me just back off ya know. And I said that and my grams hit me like across my face ya know. And I'm just like please just get away just back please I'm sitting there like please just stop talking to me. And then out of no where she hits me like another fuckin 4 times. So I'm sitting there listening to my gramps tell me I can go to hell. And her telling me to shut up. And I'm just like just back off both of you. I can't handle it when people are that close to my face yelling I freak out. And not to mention that any normal person is going to get defensive. So I'm sitting there and I feel something coming out of my mouth and I'm just like WTF did I go retarted and start drooling or something.. And I bring my hand up to my mouth to see what it was and I go to look at it and my fuckin mouth was bleeding cuz she fuckin busted my lip open.

So I'm sitting there and I'm spitting up blood and I didn't even think. But if someone hit you hard enough to make you bleed wouldn't you try to get them to back off you. So I went to kind push her away, to get her to stop hitting me and to get out of my faceand my fist didn't even touch her my wrist hit her shoulder and she fuckin layed in on me again and hit me like another 5 timse telling me not to touch her. I'm like what the fuck are you proud of yourself now. Your just like your parents. Would you like me to go get a belt for you to. And I pushed her out of the way and I went to go leave I was like let me fuckin go I don't want to be here anymore.

Meanwhile the neighbors lights came on. We've kinda developed a small crowed outside watching. And she fuckin pushes me down into the car and fuckin bruises up the side of my leg where she pushed me. I'm to fuckin afraid to hit her fuckin back...Ha and she says I have no respect for her. Whatever so I fuckin get into the car and I'm sittin there and I told her that I would be happy if I never had to see her face again. And that I can't wait for these last two years to be over. And my gramps is yelling at me telling me that I'm a bitch and that I can go to hell and I'm going to regret what I'm saying and all this shit right. I finally told her that shes fuckin lucky that I'm not going to tell CPS or someone who has fuckin power over anything like that cuz of Beka and Lj. Cuz if I did they would be taken away too. Thats just not good. I don't want that. She doesn't really do anything to them. She slams the fuckin door in my face. I scream fuck you. My grandfather slaps my fuckin arm. Then were driving away. I'm sitting there crying, not because I hurt but because I'm so mad, and I'm fusterated, and shocked that she would do something like that ya know. I'm crying so hard that I can't breath right. Ya know like when you take a bunch of little breaths and its like each time you can't get enough air and you can't breath out all the way. I don't know similar to hyperventalating, if thats not what it is. Then my gramps pulls up to the store makes me go into the store with him while im still bleeding and while I'm still crying and breathing liek that. People are looking at me. The casheer asked me if I was okay, like whispered it while he wasn't looking. I still fuckin had hand prints on my face. So then we leave and I get there and I don't go inside. And hour later I'm still crying still breathing like that and my lip is still bleeding. I call Taylor and talk to her.

While I was talking to taylor this old man came out of his house and glared at me so I told her I had to go. I went into the house and went to take my medicine. Looked in the mirror. My eyes are a really pretty green when I cry. I take some IBprophen so the swelling in my lip would go down and so it wouldnt hurt and I go to bed...still crying.

I wake up this mornign its not really swollen anymore. YOu have to like really look at me to notice. But its as sore as a mother fucker. My grams is acting like nothing happened. And is now giving in to anything I say...My head is pounding. And I'm still coughing up my lungs....oh and they turned the power back on...a 96 dollar bill and they shut it off because it was 2 days late...funny huh... You wouldn't believe it took me two hours to write this would you...Its because of all the blows...

Life blows. I can't wait till I'm eightteen

Okies well thats whats new...
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