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musicalbabe (profile) wrote,
on 12-14-2004 at 7:07pm
Subject: Nice! (yes, I now post the same things in LJ and woohu)
The freshman in my band class has definitely proven to have an interest in me. He sat like RIGHT next to me during our "final" (a short survey about our musical experience etc.) and kept asking if he could "cheat". LOL. He definitely looked me over a few times...and then when Lane finished and started bugging me about "how much it would be for tonight" and I answered something like "$50-$60, but it's finals week, and we could only go for 2 or 3 hours," he REALLY perked up. He didn't catch on that it was an inside joke till I filled him in on it. LMAO! And then he confessed that he couldn't stop thinking about it...:-P He offered $100.

So ummm...not sure what I'm going to do about this. I'm definitely into him, even though he's a freshman, and I STILL do not know his name. Man, does he look good in beanies though...sooooo cute!

Chances are good that I set the Alg II final curve. Nice.

I definitely killed my stomach after school today, though. Went downtown with Sara, Sarah, and Ali and ate at the Coffee Shop. (Scramble with bacon, cheddar, and avacado, sourdough toast, hashbrowns, some of Sara's bacon burger...) Then we went to Baskin Robin's to meet Sarah's mom, but then Sarah didn't want a milkshake. Of course, I piped up and said something like "Sarah, GET A MILKSHAKE!! I WANT ONE TOO!" So then Sarah's mom's like "I'll buy you one!" So I drink a mint choc. chip milkshake. On the way to Sara's house (walking), Ali's all "I'm full. Anyone want this? If not I'm just gonna throw it away!" So of course I want it. It's Gold Medal Ribbon and GOOOD. So I drink it. By the time we get to Sara's house my stomach is trying to MURDER me. What do I do? Ask if I can go on Sara's computer (as we'd made a decision to study LATER) and start IMing everyone about it. The greatest conversation was: (not word for word)

me: hi! this is melissa at sara's house.
me: my stomach hurts!! WAHHHHH!!!
jeff: Why?
me: because i'm having your baby.
jeff: Cool.
me: what?! you don't care?!
jeff: Not when I'm eating.
me: but this could be dasani!
jeff: Dasani could always be a middle name, you know.
me: no, i like it. it's artistic.

PSH. No one really cares about my stomach, apparently. I almost freaked out this morning though. I was taking a shower (oh la la!) and suddenly I got this MASSIVE cramp. Like one of the ones that hit you all of a sudden and you can't even MOVE you're in sooo much pain. So I'm in the shower and I'm like F*@&$! I CAN'T MOVE! PAIN! *TEAR*! So ummm...IT'S THE FIRST DAY OF FINALS!! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO IF I GET HORRENDOUS CRAMPS DURING MY ALG II FINAL AND CAN'T FREAKING MOVE?!!? So as I'm getting ready for school I keep getting them at like random intervals. NOT GOOD!! Luckully, by the time it was 8:15, I stopped getting them. RANDOM!! I have a funny feeling it had something to do with my realllly not-so-good eating habits recently (the 1-meal-a-day plan because there's no time and Mr. Shaull, as much as he thinks he gives us time to eat in G21/CC, does not) and me eating lots last night. Hrm. My digestive system is officially on strike, apparently. This sucks.

BUT 2 FINALS DOWN, 5 TO GO! Tomorrow brings Chorale/French III, Thursday is my bad day, MEHAP/Chemistry, and then WLH on Friday. Definitely not as bad as last year!!

Hope you all are doing well! IT'S ALMOST BREAK!! (Oh, and don't feel bad if you don't get xmas presents by the end of this week. I'm in a bit of a tizzy about presents. I need to have like 3 bought by Friday. EEEEK!)
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