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wonderelf (profile) wrote,
on 12-15-2004 at 5:38pm
Current mood: cheerful
Music: the killers-mr. brightside day

...ok. so...there's a wrestling match today at north. tonight, actually. at 7 pm to be precise. i reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally want to go. and annette might go. ANYHOO. so...yeah. now see here. let's start with this morning. wait...yeah, whatever. so this morning...I WAS EARLY! I WENT TO SCHOOL EARLY! EARLY GOD DAMNIT! EARLY! i felt so proud of myself, lol! math went by la-da-da...and then came lunch...omg, hillllllllllllllarious time. i said something smelled like b.o. and tricia immediately said: "oh, it might be me! some kid puked today in biology allllll over himself!" first of all...i was about to barf on MY self just imagining it...hehe. anyways...after that...hannah and annette and i all said that we used deodorant today...but we never heard anything like that come out of tricia's mouth! so i was laughing all lunch.

...well, german went by, i actually talked today and got extra credit because i kept answering all of the questions...YAY, go after german i went to my locker, of course.

EVERY day after 2nd mod/my german class, joe comes to his locker for one last time. so every single day since the beginning of the school year he's practically asked me what we do in german each day., he didn't ask. instead he came a huffin' and a puffin' up to his locker alllllll evil like. he didn't even say hi! i was like. dude. something's wrong. so, i asked him. i was like: "aww, what's wrong joe?" and he stopped what he was doing and turned around and got EVIL with me! pffffffffffft! he was all mean when he told me what happened...turns out he "rolled his ankle on the stairs and then fell in front of everyone and it was soooo embarassing..." i held in my laughter...but of COURSE, sapphire was there and was BUSTING out i hit her and was like: "aww, sapphire, that's ignorant!" and joe just walked away...i felt so bad... bad that as soon as he walked away, i fell over and had a laughing seizure! it was a laugh of...both shockedness and sympathy, i guess. i felt so bad for laughing at poor joe but i just really. honestly. could NOT. help it. anyhoo. i went to biology and that was that.

so coming out of biology, i see nick talking to this girl with pink hair...and next thing i know, he flips his wrist/hand and says all gayly: "oh my god, someone behind me stinks!" i just laughed...awwwwwwwwwwwwwww...poor nick...i wuvvvvvvvvvv have to know the bestest part so let's get to it, shall we?!?

so school let out at 3:30 pm as usual...i waited inside with leah, tricia, maegan, and lauren since it was so cold...and...omg...i died and went to HEAVEN..omg...almost fainted when i was blessed with...

...THE BREEHL BOYS' PRESENCE! ALL THREE OF THE BREEHL'S CAME OUT OF THE CAFETERIA WITH THEIR WRESTLING BAGS! JON WAS WALKING ALL GHETTO-WANNABE, JOE WAS ((as allllllllllways)) WALKING LIKE JON, AND NICK WAS WALKING does nick walk? ANYWAYS, ALL OF THEIR NECKS WERE CROOKED! LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ((inside joke with!!!!!!!)) as soon as i saw nick i turned my head, probably turned bright red, and didn't say anything...but as joe was passing, i grabbed his arm and pulled him into our "circle" and joked around with him was like: "oh, joe, how's your ankle?" he was like: "oh, it's better, hehehehehe" voices...ANYWAYS new subject: to the best part!!!!!!!

so i turned SUPER stalker and went to my mom's car...and we got in and i made her drive around the school to st. claires street to see which car they were car to be found :'( :'( :'( so we circled near cafe italia and came back around...and guess what happened?!? here comes jon in his black ford taurus ((hey, i wanna get in it...HEHEHE)) with nick in the front and joe in the back! YES annette, the taurus!!!!! ((about a week ago when we got out an hour early since a water main broke, both nick and joe were standing at the same car by themselves, and then some big black guys came and got annette and i thought it was the wrong car but it WASN'T after all after today...!)) i screamed bloody murder and told my mom to FLOOR it! so we did...and then they turned into the penn ave. meats shopping center...and we turned up into fountainhead...:'( *cry* but i told my mom to circle and go back! so we went back and walked into the candy kitchen so my mom could get a coffee...and walking by, my mom saw them and said: "they're in penn ave. meats!" so we eventually walked in there...nick, so dumb to what's going on in the world didn't see me at first...but joe was like, stalking the aisles looking at my mom picked up chicken salad, cheese, popcorn, and a sobe for me ((no dr pepper!!!!!! waaaa!))...and then we got in line behind jon & nick & joe ((umm, they bought some stuff and this nasty looking steamer that my mom decided to say: "that looks gross! almost like something the dogs would eat!" right in front of heaven once anyhoo...nick smiled reaaaaally big at me and said hi...i was so happy! i almost fainted! joe just kept looking and and then we got into the line beside them and jon looked over at me and was all raising his eyebrows and, so sexy...anyhoo... they left and we left right behind them and as we were pulling out, my mom was going one way and they were going another they came up beside us and joe was in the back, literally no lie breaking his neck smiling like there was no tomorrow...ohhhh, baby...jon looked over for traffic and then looked in, smiling...ohhhhh, double baby...and then...nick...looked in the car and smiled again!! OHHHHHHHHHHHH, BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABY! in total i think i died and went to heaven quite a few times today. :)
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