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kiwi (profile) wrote,
on 12-15-2004 at 8:16pm
Music: Ramones
Subject: Underwear
WHAT DOES IT MATTER! God, my mom was going insane and telling me to get other underwear to bring somewhere, because the stuff I had MIGHT have had tiny holes. Yes tiny holes. What does it matter anyway? No one ever sees my underwear. What does my mom think I'm going to bear it all for my friends and there for I need to have hole free underwear. it's nice to know she cares soemtimes but this was too mcuh. And she wouldn't shut up at about it. She tried talking about it at dinner, in front of my father. I mean I love my father, but I don't particularlly want to talk about what underwear I packed in front of him. GOD! Why the hell does she care so much? I've packed for these types of things hundreds of times! And it's not as if I could just call and get something if I forgot it before. So it's not any different now. Actaully it is. Becuase if I need soemthing I can have Liz drive me home and get what I need. Why the hell is my mother so paranoid about me having the right stuff then?
Some times I wish she would leave me alone. Wow that sounded super teen-angsty. Let's try that again. I wish she would just... ummmm... look at the circumstances... yes much better.
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