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ElektraGamblin (profile) wrote,
on 12-15-2004 at 9:22pm
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Music: Smile Empty Soul - This is War
Subject: Quizzy

You Know It's All About You (Over 100 Questions)

Created by niney123 and taken 6202 times on bzoink!

.:General Info:.
Name:JD, well...not really, but oh well for you =P
Height:5'3 1/2" or 5'4" , I don't remember
Birthday:August 23, 1989
Hair Color:every natural color there is
Describe yourself in one word:ráca
Describe your personality in one word:ango
.:School Life:.
What grade are you in:9th bleck
What school do you go to:Polaris
And where is that:Where I live
Do you get good grades:On the things I turn in
Favorite Subject:Seminars
.:Love Life:.
Sexual Preference:Opposite
Do you have a bf/gf:no
If so,what is their name:
How long have you been dating:
Do you consider yourself in love with them:
If so,why:Geesh, look to #2 already
Have you had your first kiss:Ick =P
If so,when:o.o
Do you have a crush:nope
If so,what is their name:
Why do you like them:
Do they know you:
Do they know that you like them:
How long have you known them:....What is life 101?? o.O
Best Friend(s):Alexis, Rene, Ricky (Bastich!), and George (Sam)
How long have you been friends:Alexis-forever, Rene-7 months I think, Bastich-6 months, Sam- uhh, no idea....this year.
Do you consider yourself a good friend:When I'm not having a bad day
How many friends do you think you have:Just friends?? tons.
Most popular:Rene (fake popularity from being a pb mod XD)
Most conceited:o.o err......Emma's a little concieted...I don't really have any.
Meanest:Raymond?? o.O although it's more like "tough love" than mean though =p
Craziest:Alexis =p
Oldest:My teacher Bill is a friend...XD
Youngest:*blink* that require me to actually be able to remember dates
Most recent:uhhh, *thinks* might be Lomy far
Food:Turky with green beans and mashed potatoes with gravy ^^
Person:favorite person?? o.O
Number:3, 6, 36, & 63
Song:Seether - Fine Again
Band/Singer:Band - Seether, Singer - Josh Groban
Place in the world:The carribbean
Dream Vacation:Going to the Carribbean
Dream House:2 story mansion on a lakeside
Dream Room:Black walls, silver carpet, a black leather couch, 4 poster bed made out of cherrywood with black curtains, and a wolfy blue bedspread with a fluffy rug bearing a white tiger.
.:Last Time You:.
Watched T.V.:umm......2 days ago??
Went to the bathroom:o.o
Ate:3 hours ago
Slept:13 1/2 hours ago
Listened to music:I am right now
Used the phone:uhh.....days ago
IMed someone/Got an IM:Yesterday
Went to school:this morning
Played a game:Ages........before school started I think
Took a shower:Our shower is broken
Hugged someone:o.o 2 weeks ago??
Went on a date:Never
Wrote a letter:like the kind you mail?? I wrote a letter in email form to a friend 4 weeks ago
Cried:Early November
.:Last Person You:.
Kissed:on the cheek.....o.O ages and ages and ages and ages ago and it was probably daddy
Laughed at:Raymond
Cried over:Mom
IMed/Got an IM from:Rene
Talked to:Rene
Spoke to on the phone:The Doctors office
Ate with:My family
Spent time with:Alexis
Saw:My brothers sitting behind me
Missed:Bastich =( *sniffle*
Played with:Alexis?? o.O
.:Have You Ever:.
Been out of the country:nope
Been out of state/province:yup
Done drugs:no- err....not willingly no
Done anything illegal:Probably tons of times. Nothing serious though (does riding in the open trunk of a car count as serious?? o.o)
Slapped someone:Yes
Cut yourself:yes
Played an instrument:yes
Hurt someone for no reason:yes
Hurt someone:yes
Killed an insect/bug:well duh, I live in aslaka, we're mosquito food
Gotten stung by a bee:yes
Lied to your parents:tons
Stole Something:yes
Kissed Someone:nope
.:This Or That:.
Rock or Rap:Rock
Singing or Songwriting:Singing
Tennis Shoes or Sandals:Sandals
Phone or Computer:Computer (more people at once...hehe)
Biking or Skating:Biking
Analog or Digital:Digital
Coke or Pepsi:Coke, Pepsi tastes like spit
Sprite or Sierra Mist:Sprite
MTV or VH1:neither
R&B or Country:R&B
Cingular or T-Mobile:Cingular
Cats or Dogs:Dogs
AIM or Yahoo:AIM
Bzoink or Quizilla:I take the 5th XD
.:Word Association:.
Peanut:"thats nice peanut"
Good Charlotte:Boys of the Summer.... o.O
President Bush:Whoot
T.V.:Witch Hunter Robin
Evil:Muchly fun fun
.:Right Now:
Watching:the computer screen scroll down
What is on your mousepad:an eye cast in blue tones
What are you doing:taking this dumb thing
What song are you listening to:Smile Empty Soul - Nowhere Kids
What's in your CD player:o.o nothing
Wearing:Black Tank top, Black Baggy Cargo's, black socks, black bracelets, umm....o.o heh...and a golden locket ^^
Time:9:18 pm
Day of the Month:15th
Day of the week:Wednesday
What website are you on:Bzoink
.:Random Things:.
What color is your mousepad:Blue
What color is your keyboard:cream
What is the phrase you use the most online:I wuff you
Did you like this survey:mmm.....
Are you sad that it's over:not really
What are you gonna do after this survey is over:post it in my journal
Do you like pop-up ads:DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How long have you been online:since I got home minus dinner

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