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Brad (profile) wrote,
on 12-16-2004 at 1:49am
Current mood: FUCKED UP
MY FUCKING GOD! i have got a fucking story to tell here!

Ok, well, i went to meijer to get some soda right? so everythings cool and i leave. i decide to go to McDonalds. so i order and everything, and i notice that the car in front of me has like 4 mexican dudes in it. i thought to myself "man, if i accidently hit their car..i would get my ass beat" (because there was small space to pull forward) so they pay and now its my turn right? so i pull forward counting my money not paying attention and i accidently hit their car. im like "oh god..oh god". so two of them get out all "what the fuck!?" im like shitting my pants at this point. so then im like "fuck im sorry, i didnt mean to blah blah blah" to save my ass. so they get back in the car and pull forward, get their food, and pull off to the side not moving. i was like "uh oh, this isnt good". and the worker there was like "just dont go the way they do". i was like yeah. so i pull forward, get my food, and go to the exit. low and behold, so do they. so now im scared. "4 mexicans following me this is great" so i turn and gun it, as do they. but the thing was, they turned off their headlights. i was like "im so fucked right now its not even funny". so i speed more, as do they. but then i was like fuck this. the next thing i thought to myself was "the only fucking way i could ever get out of this is if somehow they got pulled over for their headlights out". so i keep going sweating and shaking. next thing i know, all i can see in my rearview mirror is the outline of their car in front of red and blue flashing lights. i was like "this cannot be true, this cant be happening, im not this fucking lucky". surely enough, they were getting pulled over for their headlights. the rest of the way home i was like "there is a god, fucking thank you!" im still shaking from this fucking miracle i just witnessed. the fucked up thing was, i predicted every single thing that happened. but i thought i would just share that miracle story with you all. hopefully you're impressed. it was probably by far the most fucked up experience that ive ever had. thank you ladies and gentlemen, and goodnight.

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