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blair (profile) wrote,
on 12-16-2004 at 4:56pm
I enjoy my jobs, even if it's going to be a hard schedule to manage in a while.

I was happy today. I spent time with one of the most important people in my life. I then supervised seventh graders on microscopes. we found paramecium, amoeba, volvox, and something else. it was enjoyable. <3 this was all volunteer work. tomorrow I'm going to go enter grades into the computer for another teacher. she's getting married at the end of january and wants to spend winter break planning. it's understandable.

do you know what it's like to have people ripped out of your life before you can show them just how much potential you two have?

I was given christmas presents, today. told not to open them until Christmas. I may or may not wait. I'm trying to respect the wishes of the people who did that. but since I cried and felt so awful, I opened one of the cards. <3 I know these people have good intentions. but man, it's hard.

I've also convinced my grandmother and step-grandfather to come over for Christmas Eve, and to drive up to Ventura to visit my aunt and cousins for Christmas. This will be a first. never in my life has my grandmother come over for a holiday. I didn't want to be unfair to the cousins and try to keep my grandmother to myself. so I suggested we do the big dinner on christmas eve, and then they go spend christmas with more family. <3

I love to spread holiday cheer. I do.
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