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xobabiphatox (profile) wrote,
on 12-16-2004 at 8:57pm
Current mood: drunk
Music: Ashanti f/ Lloyd* Take Me Tonight
Nah, I'm not drunk, but I think I pulled a muscle in my back..really badly..BASKETBALL STARTS TOMORROW...awww bi...Let's get it boysss JV & Varsity manager who's gonna be screamin but not dancin for y'all tomorrow..cuz of the injury lol. It hurts like hell. I sat w/ a heat massager for an hour, and I've been off it for 45 minutes. "aint no feeling like being free" ...aint that the truth DC!

Y' hair done grew and I'm gon cut it again. It's due for 6 months. ::ouuuchhh... pain:: So tomorrow's the winter pep rally and then the basketball game..I get in freeee... =D

Township vs Moorestown.. let's go babies.. [and my friends who gon get it on Monday]

Yea the Varsity team dinner was last night. It was so funny, they act so gay around eachother sometimes. Yea I pretty much got "raped" in the van by 4 dudes cuz they kept touchin me and I was wylin out! lol But more about that later. I finally bought myself headphones ..haha yay me.

I met a guy and I think he's gay Pourquoi??!!! Il est tres beau...intelligent..amable... And I got my PSAT Results back .. I'm smarter than like 72% of sophomores in Jersey..and I wasn't proud of my results.. so Jersey folk stupid! =D Yay us.

..helloooo Ben Wallace & LeBron

I went to the Lockheed Martin Minorities In Engineering Parents' Meeting on Tuesday nite.. I saw another D-type guy..he was Danny short man! But that's okay...cuz he seems cute & smart too. I wanna have an educational conversation with a guy.. I think that'd be so damn sexy.

Staci & I were walkin around middle school at 5:00, it was fun. Woo..Lebron! "how bet I neva break ur heart I'll neva let u down, for better or worse I'll always be around". Such beautiful words, I need to brush up on my poetry again. Omg..the bus I'm dreadin it sooo damn much tomorrow. WHY DID THE PO PO CHARGE 11 FOLK AT MY SCHOOL ppl stupid...and 9/10 were stupid freshmen haha.. oh well I'm extremely tired of typing and my back needs more "therapy" plus sexy men to watch..peace

Go Township, Go Township GO! "Take a chance u stupid hoe"..and BEAT MOORESTOWN!

c o u r t n e y

And because of u I know how it feels..

hehe.. On Weds I walked around pointed at my stomach and said "baby!"..funny
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