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AnnaLeBelle (profile) wrote,
on 12-16-2004 at 9:12pm
Current mood: RANT!!! >:D
Music: Stupify
Subject: My Oober Long Rant About How Much I Hate Chelsea.
This isn't like one of my normal entried, but I figure I'll put it in here for Mojo since she can't see livejournal. You'll see my point and LAUGH.

Okay, okay. Everyone knows there's probably only a few things in this world that I hate. Bible thumpers being one. And hypocrites being another.

I am so suck and fucking tired of being told I'm going to hell because I dress in all black. I am sick of being told I'm going to hell because I don't go to church. And I am DEFINATELY sick and fucking tired of being told that Jesus saves.

You know what? How about I cram a Bible down your fucking throat? Or, you know what? Maybe I'll flip to the page of the Bible that says something along these lines: Spread the word of Christ. Okay, NOWHERE in that sentence does it say CRAM CHRISTIANITY DOWN THE NONBELIEVERS' THROATS ::Deep breath:: Alright, you want to know WHY I am so worked up now that I've said that (probably more ranting to come so hold on to your seat)?

Well, that little fucking goodie-goodie Chelsea, AFTER telling me I'm going to hell because I don't believe in God, comes in and says she fails a math test. This is the same girl who's every fucking art project is somehow related to Christianity and whose every conversation somehow ends up going on and on about how anyone who isn't Christian is a heathen. Yes, you heard me. So, me being the onry bitch that I am, just burst out laughing. Once I got control, I saud, "Ah, that's the hardest I've laughed in years!" And you know what?! Oh, my fucking God. Listen to this and read these words VERY carefully. Her reply:

"Don't be a bitch."

Can you believe that fucking hypocritical little whore?! Trying to look all cute in her shoulder-bearing sweater. You fat fucking pig, put on some modest clothes, no one wants to see your fat stomach or hear you big fucking mouth! She had the nerve to call me a bitch after all of the ranting she does about accepting Jesus into your life and all this other shit. I swear to... something if I had a gun right then and there, I would have fired it right into her narrow skull.

No, I'm not saying I hate you if you're Christian. Hell, I don't even care if you tell me I'm going to hell. But if you firmly believe that Jesus lived and died for your sins and you follow his teachings;
1. Do NOT judge other people. There is only one person who is going to judge you and you don't have the right to judge anyone else.
2. Do NOT say curses directed towards someone, ESPECIALLY if you're going to get up in front of fourty people and tell them all of your Christian beliefs.

As I said, I'm not hating on you, just that little Chelsea bitch. I hate hypocrites.

So... That's pretty much it. Wow, I feel better. Heheh.
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