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Brad (profile) wrote,
on 12-17-2004 at 4:24am
Current mood: *shrugs*
Worked a good 5 hours today, not too bad. tomorrow i get to work 7, from 4 to 11. its going to be alright. i had to wash dishes all today. tomorrow im actually bussing the whole time. ill probably end up with some good tip money by the end of the night. there's a few things i need to get. i plan for an excellent weekend this week. i get to spend it with my one and only. i shall make the best of it. just watched american history x again, great movie. lifted weights like a mad man. toning up a bit. i finally get to talk to my dad tomorrow. its ok to call him now that i have a job. i wont get any lectures about anything. im finally paying my way through life by honest, simple, hard work. i never knew dishwashing was such a hard job. no breaks, no sit down time, straight busy work. when im washing, i make around $6.25. but yeah, everything is going pretty well. relationship's having its ups and downs, but things are finally started to look up a lot more. things are so much differant this time around. and everything will be perfect. but anyway, thats my latest news. i get to work all day tomorrow while people are having a "movie party". have fun with that.. later.

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