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loner-skyz (profile) wrote,
on 12-18-2004 at 11:00am
Current mood: bored
Music: With You - Linkin Park
Subject: old fashioned poetry
(sorry for the general sucky-ness of these poems. they're from 6th and 7th grade, when i was still learning how to write poetry. but i dont want to lose them, so they're going in here. you dont have to read them. i know they're horrible.)
Where are you?
Why aren't you here?
I miss you,
cry for you every night.
When I wish upon a star,
I wish for you.
I wish you were here;
wish i could hold you,
wish you could hold me.
Where are you?

Look at me
Tell me who you are
Why are you here?
Where have they taken her?
I will fight if I must
But please, spare me
Just give her back!

Give me a wish.
Just one is all I ask.
Please, it's only fair.
I've never had a wish.
Do not deny me of my chance.
With or without rights, I deserve it.
I deserve a better tomorrow.
So please, give me my one wish...

Look to me.
Tell me of tomorrow.
Let me reach beyond today.
Give me a chance,
just once is all I ask.
Or be the one remembered yesterday.

*Weep Again*
Will you remember me,
or will today be forgotten?
Like all the promises you made...
Like everything that meant something,
meant something to me.
So, will you remember me,
or must I weep again?

*Miss You*
She grins,
her childlike smile mocks me.
It reminds me of what I had,
before she left..
I miss you.
Can't you come back?

Who are you?
Where did you come from?
Why are you here?
When will you leave?
Who are you?

*Grey Eyes*
The rain comes down
Thunder rolls
Rain beats the windows
Grey Eyes smiles

*She Laughs*
She laughs,
her eyes cry.
Her lovely, grey eyes sob.
Somehow, she laughs.

*Outer-world Life*
A mocking grin upon his face
He beats her down onto the ground
She cries for helop but no one comes
The world goes black right in her eyes
Everything gone, she cant hear her own cries
Moments later she wakes up
He's not there, but did he run?
She stands alone, enters back into life
A moment won from all her strife
Alone we shine, together bright
A life's lesson we all must learn
So take today, to learn tonight
An outer-world's life.

I circle around you,
nice and slow.
I notice wonder in your eyes,
your childlike smirk.
I smile back,
but no, that's not happiness.
I close my eyes,
the world spins.
As I circle around you.

*The Light*
The light shines
The light shines
blinding me....
The light shines
blinding me for days....
The light shines.

(the next one ISN'T mine. it was given to a friend, and she passed to along to me. tis one of my favorite poems though)
Tenebrosity dwells within the inert one
Unbeknownst is the interior
Perpetually intermittent and surpressed sorrows

Puzzlement to potentialities
Never patent, perhaps never tasted
to be wild for, to be though or dreamed of
to be sought after, to be close

Yet there is no countenance
For it is never seen
Nor your anger or sorrow dope out

Left to wander on the fields of nothingness
Journeying through the black snow
With infinate pain being broken heart
The uncared for, the unwanted
Unnoticed and furthermore ignored

The pale visage of the one whom feeds on lives
Creature of the night
Coffin rest my imomortal bound self

Realize if you only would
This pain, this nihility
Eating away inward
Eventually to devour whole the sleeper

Shattered is everything
Why be concealed in a mask of thin happiness
When you only need to heal that which is unhappy
Why does the one who cares most hold back
When truly what is meant is never said
Why is it so hopeless
When it hasn't been given a chance
Why do we become embittered
When life is so short and everything will either push or pull

If you only knew what is really felt
Whenever we talk
There's no easy way to say this
You say never to say an apology
Maybe this is your way to get me to open up
Even thought there exists these doubts

For the point after
As we struggle to and from eachother
Do you honestly like it when we aren't talking to eachother
Life is so short
Maintaining it, only to loose it all
As death is our one downfall

Did you know what was said
When it was told that
Lending you the arms that have no other use
As they wrap around you
Not to manipulate only to deviate
To warm you, to embrace you

Feared is the concequence for a hand moving deeper
As you shout with adrenaline-filled moans
Does eternity mean anything to you

Talking from the endless dark sea of stars in the sky
Given mortality, given individuality
Darkness eminating and unchoked
Depression, absolute zero, to be forgotten
Solitude, masquerade, serenade
Regret, guilt, loss, qualm
Dispair, penance, punishment
Tragedy without sympathy

Where are you
This is asked
Gloom of the weak and weary heart of mind
Aching deep inside
Emptiness which once only death could fill
Oh you wont fill it in

Make a pact and paint it black
Cos in the end it is known that what you want
And maybe this one has it
For already you stole his heart
Please finish it, take the rest for you are desired
And let darkness take you

Come closer and feel my you are admired
At the heart, at the core, at the center
Like the sun it rises for you
Like the moon it has fallen for you
Take it into your hands
Stroke and paddle along the surreptitious river
Like a whistle placed between those flavoursome lips

(well, that's it for now. all my newest old poetry has been preserved.)
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