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xpiratepunkx (profile) wrote,
on 12-18-2004 at 12:47am
Current mood: pissed off
Music: Straylight Run - Now It's Done
Subject: Now It's Done
So, I thought giving blood was bad. Then I thought...oh God, nothing can top being caught for truancy. Well, actually, maybe being truant is worse than what I did today. Alright, well, anyway, so my mom asks for Amanda's number because I told her that's where the party would be at. My mom wanted directions and to talk to a parent you know, just to make sure.

I'm like, "CRAP!" I text Ana, but she isn't replying back. So, then my mom wants "Amanda's" house number, so I call Ana's cell number and tell her what to do. Pretend that she is her mom and blah blah blah.

Little did I know that the messages that I sent Ana, I left up on my computer, so when my mom went into the room, she looked at the computer and saw what I had typed. IDIOT! Why did I do that?! So my mom was like, what?! Yeah, so that's not even the bad part.

My mom was like, wha? Why? Por qué? Haha. Uh, yeah. So she was like talking down to me and I already felt pretty bad about being stupid enough to leave the conversation up and so she was talking and the last thing she said was, leave! (As in leave the room and go do something in my room) Yeah, well...with my sometimes good, but in this case, bad habit of making silly comments, I acted upon what she had said, and replied, "Well, why don't you just leave this house!" Ooh! Touché!

I couldn't believe what I had said. My sister couldn't believe it. My mother couldn't believe it. She was like, wha? Yeah, I know. So, I managed to get myself in deeper trouble with that alone. I was like, I should have just left it at that. I mean, telling someone to be another person isn't all that bad. It's not like I actually said, "Hey, my mom is going to find out that I want to see Adam." Or anything like that. So, I could have been in the clear, but my big mouth had to go ahead and say something.

Anyway, so much for going to see Adam play his guitar and kazoo. *tear* What if he thinks that I didn't want to see him at all? And that I could care less that he gave me an invitation? So, this is what Christina came up with. She told me to call Ben and ask him for Adam's number and basically...tell him EVERYTHING. Tell him that I was going to go to the party, but I was grounded. But I had lied about the party, so I’m grounded even more, but that I really wanted to see him play and you know, no hard feelings for not going. Maybe I'll see him like 2040. When my sentence is complete.

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