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onceagainistandalone (profile) wrote,
on 12-18-2004 at 2:47pm
i got my job. fantastic. its sad that i had to move out of state to find a well paying job. the lady that lives with me and my uncle for the time being is really loud, i don't like it.

i realized last night that drinking a bottle of robotussin isn't as fun as i remembered. therefore, i will not do it again. i just laid awake in bed all night very confused about everything. complete diorentation.

ryan i wrote about that time this summer when you and i went to the beach. ill send it to you when i call and get your adress.

i know i had something else to say..

oh yeah

i read an entire book in the bookstore, The Basketball Diaries by Jim Carroll. really good. even though it had a picture of Leonardo Di Caprio on the front..though i guess hes not that bad because he was in Gangs of New York, and i'm starting to think thats on my top five for favortie movies ever.

but yeah, the book was really really good..about jim carroll growing up in new york in the sixties and just being fucking crazy man. crazy.

"i just want to be pure"

thats all, i must depart.

matthew james hinton
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