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THEhairybeast (profile) wrote,
on 12-19-2004 at 5:38pm
Current mood: im ok
Music: rhcp - old stuff
Subject: it doesnt matter
christmas is so close. it came way fast. i just hope i get what i need and that im surprised. thats the best thing about christmas and it hasnt happend in years. me .. surprised. im never surprised. i mean, even in general. i always see shit comin. and youd think id have it easier bc id know what i had coming. but eh, .. it doesnt work that way. like this crap with sam. i figured shed get mad - well i saw me telling her and her getting mad. so i kept my mouth shut. and it happend anyway. and now were not friends. im not saying i had nothing to say in that decision or whatever - but one thing came and the other blind sided the entire thing. everything is blown out of porportion these days. but it doesnt matter. i hope things are cool for her and eric now. and i know what she really wanted to happen - i heard it happend. good job sam. lol.. hmmm -- i chilled with miss danielle on friday. well, last minute like plan but it worked. i was talking to her, telling her i had to decorate my tree but wasnt up to it. and she suggested she should come over and help. and she actually did. lol. i had fun =). made teaaa and tuna fish sandwiches haha. so anyway, im down to $5O bucks. i have no clue what itll be spent on. HOPEFULLY myself - but yea, my first plan of spending $115 on jeans that i wanted.. then the rest for everyones presents...went down the drain when i was free in walmart yesterday. sooo lol.. $5O for me i hopeee. i got my list for my moms figured out and sent off. and my dads, i gave him the model no. for my camera and he's 'checking it out' .. but thats pointless bc its one of them 'online only' products. soo get it ordered tonite i hope man! i really want it!! lol.. i gotta mention that shoes are on my list for him too - and ive had these shoes for so long - all other shoes are ugly to me! im about to get the same kind just bigger haha. no i want some gangster shoes still. and good shoes. ..idk though. the camera is a bit costly but hey.. i really want it. im in a really good mood - and im contemplating making sam a little christmas card before vaca -- but then again after friday's shit.. ehh that deff points more to no fuckin way. but maybe. idk yet. man people are way funny today haha. fuckin craig and even mike wilcox made me laugh again lol. sorry mike! your stuff wasnt funny anymore for a whileee.. =\ lol. well i dont know - the tree is up. its crap, but its up. lol danielle. haha. i hate my treee. i got some stufff. everythings goin cool. .. ew man we have school tomorrow. now that is gay. im lookin forward to havin off. i think im still tryin to have a new years thing - im gonna talk to my dad tonite or tomorrow. if i could find him tonite i will.. i dont know where he went. and tomorrow could work too.. lol. ok im gonna go.. im rambling - peacee peace nigga
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