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loner-skyz (profile) wrote,
on 12-20-2004 at 11:47am
Current mood: sick
Music: Unwell - MB20
Subject: shocker
you dont know why you do it.
you've been turning it over in your mind, and you cant come up with a reason.
maybe you do it to feel strong.
every other part of you is weak, but you can still stick those two fingers down you throat.
you almost live for those'll probably end up dying by them.
you dont really care about death now.
your life is food; binge, purge, binge, purge, binge, purge.
sometimes you dont even know you're doing it.
it's like your mind blacks out and then suddenly you're staring at an empty plate, or kneeling over a toliet.
sometimes you hate yourself.
you truly belive you are the fattest, ugliest, person to walk the earth.
you dont deserve food!
yet there are other times when you know what you're doing is bad.
you realise that you're killing yourself, but somehow it's unimportant.
you know all the statisics.
odds are, you'll never be over this
who cares?
as long as you've got all the food in the world, and two fingers.
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