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sandatthebeach (profile) wrote,
on 12-21-2004 at 12:26am
Current mood: empty
Subject: Can you feel the love tonight?
I do feel empty. I guess I'm not satisfied.

You know what I realized? Once the seniors now graduate...I'm screwed. This means I will never be leaving the house again...for social purposes. I don't really have friends anymore. The only person I see and talk to is Patrice. I'm not complaining about that..I love Patrice to death. It's just...what happened? I lack the social skills to make new friends and I'm too impatient to keep the one's I have now. I don't know....are they still there? Or have they moved on? Have I moved on?

This is stupid, yes, I'm aware...but it's just....even now...I come online to just sit. I don't talk to anyone online anymore. Every once in awhile I'll ask someone a question or they'll ask me something....then we die.

Maybe I feel this way because it's the Holiday season. Once again, I feel very much alone.

I really want to talk to someone. Anyone.

But what would I say?

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