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onceagainistandalone (profile) wrote,
on 12-21-2004 at 11:39am
so..another night, writing letters..ryan, kelly, my parents. thats all i got done last night.

im getting this william s. burroughs book today, "Junky" i bet its good. and this really big hardcover notebook that i want to write a book in..or maybe a collection of shit, i don't know.

im bored. i need a car. this walking is getting old because my feet hurt all the time.

chuck i've been trying to call you since 4 o clock this morning my time, but no luck.

i can't wait to do something with my life..i was thinking about it all night. my own place in the foothills of the sierra nevadas, my own car, my own..everything. mine. all mine. it will be phantastic. i want to move out of my uncles place in the summer because he is really starting to hate california because they keep fucking him with probation and shit. and im his little stressball or something and he tells it all to me, getting pissed off while he is talking about it (he is a very high strung man) so he ends up yelling all his problems at me. but hey, if anything, im a good listner. so i do what i can.

i have to go get some books. toodles.

matthew james hinton.
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