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dumbblonde1137 (profile) wrote,
on 12-21-2004 at 5:31pm
Current mood: sore
Music: SHAME on me by: ryan <33
Subject: but i keep wondering of...<3

today was day 2 of exams. took AP environmental and psychology. they were both super hard...gah. then after school plans failed and me and camila were gunna walk home but ashlee and britany picked us up in her hot yellow mustang lol and she took us to the mall. me and camila had to carry our dorky backpacks around and now my neck/back is killing me!! mall was okay i bought niki and nicole their xmas presents =] im on my parents computer and its gay...i cant download AIM, its blocked...grr. but yeah. half days til thrusday then its xmas break!! woot. at the mall we ran into seth (lono) lol and we hung out with him. aww hes such a dork <3. lol. i also saw matt and george like 10 times! <33 im gunna miss having 3rd hour with them..but yeah. omg whats the saddest is i may never see Piercing Boy again...*tear*. but yeah. im kinda pissed off.

i'd like to say thank u soo much to ashlee and britt for taking us to the mall...also, i owe a BIGGER thank u to my oh so dear friends who fucking ditched us for the like...hmm...4th time?? whateverrr. fuck it.

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