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xpiratepunkx (profile) wrote,
on 12-22-2004 at 12:57am
Current mood: contemplative
Music: Foo Fighters - Everlong
Subject: Hello. I've waited here for you. Everlong.
Another theory to add. I just came to the realization that if anything were to happen with Adam...or for any guy for this would happen in March/April. Yes, March/April.

Why March/April? Well, it boils down to facts, really. If you look at my past "relationship" life you will be able to see that they have all occurred in the months of March and April. Shall I begin?

Sophomore year...Tim. I remember having my chorus concert in April and that's when he brought whatsherface. I'm more than positive that the fling that we had happened during the month of late March/early April.

Need more proof?!

Junior year...Scotty. So, we establised that we were going to be "friends with benefits" on March 30th. And on the 31st of March that's when it started. And by mid-April or whenever it was, we parted.

Wow. That April sure doesn't like me.

Anyway, so I guess we will see what will happen this coming spring. If Adam will be next or if I will meet some other guy in March and in April have it all come crashing down.

Theories. To believe or not to believe.
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