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sparkythefool (profile) wrote,
on 12-22-2004 at 1:34am
Music: "Clocks" +Coldplay+
Subject: Adventure!
So tonight's original plans to hang out with Sir Garid Berman somehow transformed into something even more awesome than it would have been at first. The telling of the adventure will be partly in words and partly by picture. So pay attention!

Well, I picked Garid up around 8:15 or so and we illegally drove off to Dippin' Dots. Mind you, I've only had my license for about two weeks and I've already driven like everyone. It's cool though. So we get there on the premise of "visiting Samantha" who I don't even know. I just know of her. That was basically the most awkward situation I have been in in quite a long time. Thanks, Garid. Anyways, we (meaning Garid) bought some ice cream and left. We decided to go visit Grace because:

NancyMyersRULES: I'm hanging out with Garid tonight..hahaha. We might stop by and visit.
Graciejo18: i think i'll lock the doors..and turn off the lights
NancyMyersRULES: Shut up.
Graciejo18: serious.... you guys r weird

So we pretty much had to go visit. We get there and go in and sit around for a while when my phone rings. It's my sister, but for some reason when I hit answer it disconnected. I called her phone but she wouldn't pick up, so I called my house and asked where she was. I find out from my mother that Jessica got food poisoning and so Celia wanted to know where I was so we could hang out because she didn't want to have gotten ready for nothing. I tell her to come over and we'll do something. Celia arrives and we decide to randomly drive around. The fun commences here.

We went and stole some traffic cones from this place by Garid's house and coned Sikander.

It definitely ruled. We were debating what to do with the other cone, cause we stole two, so we decided to go to..

..Mollie's house! Turns out her dad got all pissed, but whatever. It was a joke.

We then thought that going to the 99 cent store would be a good idea, and as we were driving there, we saw this interesting decal on the van next to us.

"Now open 8 AM" - YES HOW EXCITING.

The 99 cent store has some pretty nice glasses.

You know grandmas are hot..and that's the look I was going for.

Yeah, me and Celia look like nerds and Grace just looks sexy. What the hell.


We all bought matching glow things, except I didn't buy mine, but don't tell. Grace had barrettes. She also looks twelve here.

The very attractive Celia had some nice earrings that she just shoved through her holey ears.

This is probably the cutest picture of Garid I have. Sexy ears!

Yeah, I don't know.

I "bought" a gangster ring. Word.

I also bought this really awesome gun.

I'm kind of obsessed, but can you blame me?

This is pretty neat.

I forget what's going on here.

Everyone knows not to mess with the Myers Sisters. Hell nope.

How stunning!

After the whole 99 cent store interlude, we decided that we were hungry. Hey, doesn't Garid work at Pizza Hut? Can't he get us free pizza? Um, yes. So we called and ordered two pizzas and then drove on over to Pizza Hut to pick them up. On arriving we all went inside the secret employee area in the back and explored. I had no idea that Pizza Hut was so big inside! Pretty neat if I do say so myself.

We drank Mountain Dew out of very tiny cups. In this picture, my hotness makes everyone else look weird.

We also hung out with some of the cool employees there. This is Alex.

Alex is also a gangster. Watch it.

After Pizza Hut, we all went back to Grace's house and Celia went home. I came in to talk to Grace's mom cause she's just cool like that (also she's going to turn my hair back blonde and I'm excited) and then randomly, my phone rang! It was Mo, calling me back because Grace and I left her a message earlier when we were at Pizza Hut. She said we sounded drunk, but hey, I don't drink when I drive. While talking to her, I got this brilliant idea to cone her Garid and I left in search of a cone. We stole an imposter cone (one of the long skinny ones that look like cigarettes) from Mountain View and then I took Garid home. I was super late by then, so I drove really fast to Mo's house and left the cone in her driveway right where her car normally goes. That way, she'd have to get out and move it..bwahaha. Regretfully, I did not bring my camera so I don't have any pictures from Mo's coning. Why does that sound dirty?

I took some random pictures with my camera when I got home. Basically, I'm pretty hot. Heh.

And my gun is cool.

Western Country, represent.

NancyMyersRULES: Man, those chocolate peanut butter cake things we bought are kind of nasty.
C371A: yeah, but totally worth the .99$

I love my puppy.

This is entirely unrelated to tonight but I forgot to post it earlier. It's my sleep tally from finals week. Rock.

Well that's it I think. In conclusion, my first day of winter ruled. I thought my adventure was pretty exciting..anyone up to any future adventures, let me know!
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