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sweetiepie2006 (profile) wrote,
on 12-22-2004 at 8:32pm
Music: Mariah Carey- All I Want For Christmas Is You
Hey! Just got back from caroling with the church. It was depressing...I almost cried, there were tears in my eyes. Shama did cry. There was this man that like just lost his wife like 4 months ago or sumthin...and when we were singin there were tears in his eyes...and like he was crying when we left...It was soooo sad.:( Besides that, It was pretty fun, cuz it wasn't freezing. I gave Shama her present...she said she liked if she was tellin the truth...its prolly a different story..haha. I woulda gave Tabi hers but she was a bizatch and didnt come to church like she said she was. She was the one that told me about exchanging presents and she didnt even come. But yeah, after singing and giving out fruit baskets n stuff...we came back to the church and drank hot chocolate n such...Me and Shama burnt our tongues :( haha...

Today at Hannan...we got our yearbooks. It was about time...I was OMG! I got my school pictures...ima just say LOL! They depressed me. We didn't have enough time to get everyone to sign them today. Hughes dismissed every1 like 10 minutes early. Neways...there was no 3rd period today, but we had 4th instead cuzza the yrbook signing...and christmas thing the band n choir was doing. But neways...Linger attacked was scary. He crumbled up a pack of crackers and poured them all out on my head. It looked like I had an extreme case of lice or something..haha. He kept throwing carrots and cauliflower (sp?) at me and I think I have bruises. Everyone is so nice to me..NOT! Like almost every person that wrote in my yrbook said skank...:( Oh well...maybe I'll live up to that potential someday...haha...well ima go cuz Im just typing to be typing and I dont even know what I'm talkin about nemore, besides...I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL CHRISTMAS!! after 2morrow = Christmas Eve...3 days til Christmas!! Well...bye bye!!

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