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revealedinsilenc3 (profile) wrote,
on 12-23-2004 at 7:40am
Current mood: calm
Music: . Let me love you .
Subject: My heart.
Heyy. Erighty. Yesterday was cute. lol.. It was all pretty boring 'til we got to gym.its pretty sad how we always look forward to gym haha. neway we arent playing capture the flag nemore.. which fricken sux balls!!! so we had to decide between hockey n basket ball.. so we chose basket ball. Usually Jackie would play with Speedy an some other dudes while i just shot sum baskets on the other hoop.. cept today..speedy wasnt there @ first and Jackie decided not to play basketball because she doesn't like Alex.but then again... who does Jackie like? So I stayed and did my thing when out of no where... Speedy showed up!! Woot Woot!! lol. So he randomly started playen with around wit me and he was all flirty flirty.. cept I didn't know he was being flirty bc i just figured.. its the way he is. cuz in general.. he is a nice kid!!! until someone else finally hinted it out for me. blah! neway. then we ended up talking and stuff an i shot my baskets while he tried impressing me with his lil tricks but yeah that was in school.... then Today I got an email from Will <3. Wow really weird n choking. Cuz we werent talking but I guess he got all crazed bc i just went with the flow. he sed it would be better not to talk.. so i didnt talk to him!!!. but yeah it was cute. made my day. <3ahhh the memz! i think he still loves me. which is weird bc he has a crush on someone else.. well he did. so that was a turn off for me. an yeah more stuff happened. that really pissed me off. but wut can i do??but lil secrete... im still crushing on him.. but a part of me knows nothings gunna happen n i have to let go. hmm so yeah its early in the morning n i still havent gone to my locker.. (last day of fricken school n then vacation!! woott!!) so yeah im gunna go now an ill update later.. erightyy?? byeee
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