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fadingfallenstar (profile) wrote,
on 12-23-2004 at 10:07am
Music: Bright Eyes - Burn Rubber
Subject: Let me try this again.
A lot of these are old and I don't really take quotes anymore, but I decided to post what I have anyway. They aren't very good this time, I'm slack'n]

I about pissed my pants, I was so excited. Then again..I do piss them just for the hell of it at times. -James Golden

Man, I love being a faggot. -James Golden

I would totally have sex with myself, just because I smell this good. -Phil Maas

I turn my back for two seconds and wham! You start cramming things in your mouth. -James Golden

You have no idea how sexy vomiting makes you. -James Golden

I got shit on my hands! -Kate Shelton
..Then we've got ole' shit hands over here. -Blake

It's almost like my penis is vomiting with them. -James Golden

Boobs are there for babies to get milk from their mommies, not for guys to grope! -Kelly Metzger

Woo, bungee cords! -Kate Shelton
Ya gonna go bungee jumping? -Lisa Leonard

I don't like the word 'boob' it's kinda like 'poop' -Kate Shelton

I'm gonna kill your family. -Dustin Cain

You weigh like 80 pounds! What are you gonna do to me? ..How much do I weigh? -Matt W
Too much. -Joe Castine

Jesus is the devil. -Joe Castine

That would make them thousands of dollars of money. -Matt W

Penis is the new poop! -Lisa Leonard

I cannot pronounce things right because I'm not Italian. -Matt W

My mom told me that if I kept looking at porn I wouldn't be able to get hard with a real woman. -Mitch Armstrong

Kate and Stacy, you are the only person in this car that matters. -Matt W

Sucking dick is healthy for you. -Matt W

Wanna touch my nuts? -Matt W
With my tongue! -James Golden

Don't put those fingers by me unless you're gonna stick them up my butt! -Matt W

I love sucking cock! -James Golden

There's a church garage sale across the street. -Bradley Blair
Dude, they're gonna be selling bibles and holy water! -Stacy
I can see it now, "Bible signed by Jesus!" -Matt W
I'd pay four bucks for it. -Bradley Blair

You have to hump it. -Kate Shelton

I killed the bug and it died. -Dustin Cain

I have flappy balls! -Jay Ruster

Look at this giant gaping butt hole! -Kevin Cuppett

No one can stop me! I'm mortal! -Joe Castine

Stacy, if you were a man we'd be dating by now. -Kate Shelton

It's sad because when I pretend to be black I honestly have to think harder to try and act dumber. -Stacy

Dude, I just freaked out. I thought that was my grandpa. Then I realized he's dead. -Chris (Don't know last name)

Have you ever been pelted with bees? -Mrs.Olsen

I want to marry a funny fat man! He'd just be like "Hey, I'm fat!" -Emily Rowe

I'm nosey so I wave at the mail man. -Mrs.Olsen

Who is that? -Stacy
Oh that's.. I have no idea.. -Box

It's sad when people have to pretend to be dumb. -Emily Rowe

UT is coming over. -Brent Jones
Umm.. -Stacy
UT is a guy. -Brent Jones
Umm.. -Stacy
He's Asian! -Brent Jones
Ohhhh! -Stacy

Hummingbirds attach to geese, don't they? -Mrs. Olsen

I was petting its cancer! -James Golden

Dude if I was a girl I'd be bi. Fuck that.. I'd be a lesbian! -Bradley Blair

God. I hate him. -Stacy
What's he doing? -Kate Shelton
Existing. -Stacy
I hate when he does that! -Kate Shelton
I know. It's so annoying. -Stacy

Well come on! She's all boobalicious! -Emily Rowe

If you have a kid and want him to be an assassinist, give him a cool name. -Mr. Norkus

I need cancer. -Mishy

The roads are perpendicular. -David
No, they are parallel. -Bradley Blair
No, perpendicular. They cross. -Kevin Cuppett
My fist is going to be parallel with your face! -Bradley
So it's not going to hit my face?..I thought you'd at least be smart enough to say it'd be perpendicular with my face. -Kevin Cuppett

Are you all stoned? -Mrs. Olsen

Well, think of where the most people in cedar would be. -Mrs. Olsen
The dollar store! -Nick Birk

What did you say, Ron? -Mrs. Martino
..I called her Spamantha.. -Ron Wheaton

This one time my mom killed this old lady. -Ron Wheaton

I'm not a cutter! I'm a chopper! -Bradley Blair

Never trust a white man driving a black van. -Phil Maas

'Bar Stools and More!' No way. They have stools..and more!? -Stacy
What could the more be? -Ron Wheaton
Chairs! -Stacy
Tables! -Ron

I could be slutty. It's one gives me a chance. -Ron Wheaton

You say, "I wish money grew on trees." No you don't. If money grew on trees it'd be as valuable as fruit. -Mr.Norkus

The fly lands on the eggs, and is like, "Ya got any shit?" -Ron Wheaton

I've never been there for a long time. -Bradley Blair

As long as my lips are around some ones cock I'm happy. -Matt W

You're a sock cooker! -Kate Shelton

When you think of Commerce think of Nipples. I know you want to just think of nipples, but think Commerce! -Mr.Norkus

Remember when the play ground had aids? -Kate Shelton

I hate this game! I can't exist if this game does too! -Matt W

Get the condom out of my mouth! -Stacy

Hey look! My name's dumb and I'm Kate! -Stacy

Teenagers are just like my dog. All they want to do is hump things. -Mrs.Olsen

You can't get any girls. -Mrs.Olsen
I have two dates to Homecoming! -Ian
Yeah.. they're both your sisters. -Mrs.Olsen

James could fucking get a nun to sleep with him. -Mishy

I'll take a bullet for the class! -Brian
Don't worry, you'll be the first one we push out the door. -Mrs.Olsen

It's like, "Hey dead bunny.. get a life!" -Ron

If I was a guy and a girl cut off my dick I'd smack her the fuck up. -Mishy

Hey, I got a question; Fuck you! -Mishy

Dead people do die! -My Dad

What if my belly button was an M&M? -Bradley Blair

I'll take a shit on your leg..right fucking there! -Jay Ruster

Sometimes in class we get hardo-What the fuck! Is that your fucking house? -Ron Wheaton

There's all these kids with their heads in the bins eating the fuck out of em! -Ron Wheaton

How can you get stds if you don't do sex and have drugs? -Stacy

If I had longer pants on I'd kick you in the face! -Matt W

Without your freakish hands no one would love you! -Stacy

Do you feel anything? -Stacy
Yeah.. -Mitch Armstrong
I don't mean girls breasts! -Stacy

Shitting on someone isn't the solution to everything. -Mitch Armstrong
The fuck it aint! -Jay Ruster

You can't spell Kurt! -Mitch
How'd you spell it? Stacy
Kirt.. -Sydney
Wow. -Stacy
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