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heather (profile) wrote,
on 12-23-2004 at 4:20pm
drving there i had a weird feeling. looking back i had no idea the reason i didnt want to go. i should've listened to my intuition. but of course, i went. so finishing at the table, i look over and see a familiar face walk into the bathroom. right away i knew he was there. i looked up, and there he was, oblivious to the fact that i was a mere 30 feet behind him. leaving everything on the table, i walked out. panicing, not knowing if i should go say hi, or leave it alone.

and of course, i left well enough alone. i walked out and saw his car. and in the rearview window was the necklace i bought him hanging there. right in that second i froze. it was hard for me to breathe through my crying, but i drove off.

sitting here i am wondering if they are dating. is she the reason im not in his life anymore? i thought i was alright, okay even. i could say that everything is going ok. but its in the moment that you see the person you spent so much time with. everything i had told myself just fell.

and im glad he didnt see me.
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