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kobler (profile) wrote,
on 12-24-2004 at 3:29pm
Current mood: excited
Music: My Only Wish- Britney Spears
hey all! whats up?! merry christmas eve! lol its crazy cant believe that christmas is tomorrow! it doesn't feel like christmas at all though... NO SNOW!! i am so sad i really wished it snowed out for christmas! lol but yea i am getting sick again i think which sucks... omg all of the college kids were at practice last night it was so funny lol its sad and crazy to think ill be a 'college kid' next year! ahh! haha i cant wait until september when i go to PENN STATE! its going to be awesome swimming and going to football games and of course going to classes and meeting new people!! lol well yea everyone is finding out where they are going to college now! its so scary to think that we are all going to be at different schools next year all over the country... but for the most part the northeast! i mean the Mount has been our life for the past 4 years its going to be exciting leaving, but i know i am going to be a mess at graduation! NO MORE UNIFORMS! haha so yeaa Mount Swimming is going well we are at 4-1 so far this year, we only lost to St. E's! but hopefully we will beat them at Confrences! lol! Counties are coming up im excited!!! it should be fun and hopefully (most likely) WIN again which would be frickin AWESOME! haha but yea back to swimming this week has been intense but good practices! i am finally feeling back to my normal strength and it feels SO nice! haha distance fresstyle <333! haha... omg and a year from Sunday ill be down in Naples Florida with PENN STATE! i can't wait! okay this was a pretty random update! i hope i get Uggs and an I-Pod tomorrow from Santa! lol that would make me happy! lol! everyone have a merry christmas!! i hope u all get what u want! love u all so much!! ttyl

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