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puddlejumper526 (profile) wrote,
on 12-24-2004 at 7:59pm
Music: country
Subject: wooo eee
christmas is here.

well, here's what i got..

alarm clock/radio/cd player
suede plum down comforter
jewelry box
button up shirt
pink slippers w/ a black kitty on 'em
2 boxes of blank cds
2 packs of socks
happy bunny pjs that say 'i've been naughty, so what?' & happy bunny is wearing a santa hat
2 gift certificates for 2 movies @ century
$ 10 mcdonalds gift certificates
3 pak of orbit gum
big photo album >300 photos
small white plastic box w/ drawers
big white box plastic w/ drawers
shower radio

& more to come this weekend @ my gparents. fo sho. i'm happy w/ what i got. it's basically everything that i had on my xmas list.. and i came up with some pretty good things this year.

so yep, that's that.

happy holidays everybody.

& after i'm back from my grandparents, then i'll really get to enjoy the christmas break w/o the holiday stress, yay.

you all better look forward to that. haha.
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