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Twitchy (profile) wrote,
on 12-24-2004 at 10:52pm
Subject: The Little Christmas Mericles
I got all my shopping done, all the gifts sorted and wrapped and delivered in a discreet manner except those I had to send, they'll take longer, no one saw me, no hitches, things were good
the tree fell over, on me, but I'm fine, we redocerated it in time and it's held up by a string
I made it down to spokane for the traditional dinner, had a good time with Eric and Peter, found out for sure that I'll be off to the UK this summer, Lee cooked wonderfully as per each year we do this
Eric's doing better, and things are healing over, the scratches on my hands are fading and m blood pressure's not so bad
we're scraping by on not so much cash ... trust me, it's really not pretty sometimes, and still managed to throw together some feast for Mo and Peter O. and to make the neighbors happy and loved, somehow we'll manage to keep the electricity and food until the new year
and my personal favorites
we made it from Deer Park back home, that's about 30 miles, on empty, we were worried about having to walk all the way to Chewelah to get Mo because nothing's open from here to Deer Park now, bbut we made it ... the car was a wreck
and I'm doing ok mentally, friends are good, things are going all right
I'm still staying away from anti-depressants and doing well with myself
... I think ... for now ... my life's been for a while ... a little christmas mericle
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