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lilkristen (profile) wrote,
on 12-25-2004 at 12:08am
Current mood: happy
Music: 99 Problems/One Step Closer.. ooh yeahh i got collision courseeee lol
omggggg MaryJo gave me a real, note the word REAL louis vuitton wristlet..(sp?) omgggggg i was like shizzzzzleeeeeee i said omggg MJ thank youuuuuuUU!!!! lmaoo i was soo frickinn happy i was like shitttt

molly got 4 coach bags, a mini ipod, and a bike
coco got some really expensive art thing, a prada bag, nd i didnt get to hear the rest they left for 12:00 mass

my shirt is wrinkled.. i thought i'd let you know..

i need to call kaitlyn ndd wish her a merry christmas ndd bring her her gift..

happy kwanzaa.. when is kwanzaa by the way? i really dont know..

julia's monkeeeeeeey's name is Jim lmaooo

alright i am going now.. soo long!!!
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