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melikepeas (profile) wrote,
on 12-25-2004 at 6:36pm
Current mood: giggly
Music: gwen stefani - love angel music baby
Subject: Ch'istmassie ^_^
Oh yes, Christmas is my hero. I got lots of cool stuff, lots of game cube stuff and cds, an iou for a ps2 (there was none left 0.o), lots of clothes and smelly stuff and such. Very much meets my approval.
Christopher got the best ever presents; i got a doom kitty (soo cute ^_^), a Tim Burton book and love angel music baby. Best Ever x 10!
I got rather allot of chocolate too.
Ahw I heart Christmas.
Yesterday wasn’t too bad either, i was doing the family rounds etc. Went to grandmas and granddads for the morning and went out for lunch then went to uncle David’s (it was his last ever day down the pit yesterday after 28 years and 16 weeks heh). They’re having 15 over for Christmas dinner, insane/10. But its all okay because they gave me a Harry potter scarf, oh yes, i am the coolUst. Anyway that was nice.
Then i went to Christopher’s for a couple of hours after i got back, i was pretty sleepy like but we played on the ps2 and watched chocolát snuggled under the duvet. I fucking love that book/film, amazing imagery etc, very French indeed.
Speaking of France, im off to America for a fortnight with college, were going to the university of Pennsylvania with sociology to meet this sociologist, there’s only gonna be a few of us and were going to New York afterward so, yeah i am the coolest.
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