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dumbblonde1137 (profile) wrote,
on 12-25-2004 at 9:13pm
Current mood: bitchy
Music: lovers and friends bu lil jon luda and usher
Subject: but you gotta promise baby...

okay so once again im gunna bitch and complain about how i fucking hate west boca high. no one understands cept camila allie and sam,,,well and niki and nicole. i seriously hate the people that go there. they are mostly all backstabbing, fake bitches and assholes. its so stereotypical. i hate it. i dont want to spend 75% of my time with these people who i dont like. i dont want to graduate with them. i want to get my diploma with kyrie, jack, dilan, mara, bryan and carolyn. this is my 3rd school within 5 years and i hate how everytime i switch, i seem to lose all my friends and never make ones quite as good again. it sucks balls.

annnnd, the worst part is, im finding out that the people i call my friends (ppl other than sam, camila, niki, nicole, allie nd desiree) really dont like me. it hurts and makes me not want to go to school. the worst part is they act like my friend to my face, usually, but then i find out from other ppl what they really think. it pisses me off. especially when u find out thats why they never hang out and why they cant even say hi to me at school or act like they know me nd only use me for info on other people, then i dont even know why i ever considered us to be "good friends".

and i dont wanna hear u guys bitch at me saying that im being stupid, that west boca high is "the shit", and that i shuldnt keep leaving in the past.the past is heaven compared to the shit i go thru. before u go leaving comments and saying shit...look at how you guys treat me.....

gah. fuck. -_-
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