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sweetiepie2006 (profile) wrote,
on 12-25-2004 at 10:55pm
Merry Christmas!! I'm so sad that today's almost over. I've been waiting on it forever, and like in a second it's gone. Well, last night I went to sleep at 11...I couldnt sleep at all. I woke up at 2...and stared at the clock til 5:45 cuz Mom n Dad said I could wake them up at 6 so me and Jessi could unwrap our presents. Ok, I'll tell ya what I got this the order i opened them...haha...

Huge Purple Carebear
Portable CD Player
Carebear Wall Clock
Raising Helen DVD
Sugar Scented BodySpray/Lotion/Wash from Avon
Purple-Clearish Piggy Bank with $50 in it (really cute!! haha)
Light Brown Suede Purse from B&BW with stuff in it
Black Raspberry-Vanilla Lotion from B&BW
Long-Sleeved Old Navy Shirt
Blue-Green Layered Shirt from Old Navy
Another $50
Sexy Futon Bed...haha
George Strait 50 Greatest Hits CD
Pink Sapphire Ring with Diamonds on each side/white gold band
Squishy Purple Pillow
Pink Happy Bunny PJ's
Shrek 2 DVD
White Chicks DVD
Jennifer Lopez "Still" Perfume & Lotion
J.Lo Pink Purse
Pretty Lamp
Eminem CD

....I think thats it. But Yeah...Today was great. I slept a lot of it away tho. I've taken like 5 naps all day...haha. Shama...thanks for my present. expecting presents!!! :) I love almost everyone!!! LoL...bye bye!!


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