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mizu87 (profile) wrote,
on 12-26-2004 at 1:58pm
Current mood: fine/bit tired
I have no clue what I'm doing with this boy... I got him hooked on me... I ... god I can't believe I'm writing this but I made him come and I have that boy crawling all over me.. but I wrote him a letter... and... in my code... and... I taught it to him and it took him an hour and like 20 minutes to decode it and read it and I had fallen asleep behind him on my bed... when I woke up .. the look on his face... I couldn't believe it.. but he is comming over here in a bit so I'll write about it later... This was... not a week ago.. but.. mom took him home and he cried on her shoulder.. I was on the phone with his mother and she said they weren't back yet and it'd already had been 10 minutes if not more and it is only a minute drive... I told her to check outside and sure enough they were talking but Javier was crying and she yelled at my mother "what did you say to my boy! No one makes him cry!" and she was bout to kill my mama .. I was scared... but I hung up because Javier started yelling and... mom got home and I was crying and she took me over there. Things between our mom's have cooled.. but.. he .. was balling... I hurt him so badly.. He says I'm the only girl that's ever listened to him even his family doesn't talk to him like I do... since then... when I kiss him.. it feels different.. when I hug him.. it's tighter with more feeling... since then I can't stop thinking about him.
I apologized to him that night and.. it's alright now... we talk.. I really try and talk to him.. and he said he hates himself that he can't just say to me what he's thinking.. it's so hard for him.. it's even harder for me to be patient... I ended up crying more then him one night when I started talking about Ashley and Lenka and how I don't have many friends I like.. or care about.
There is more.. I don't know why I haven't been on this internet .. I really haven't had anytime to myself.. he's been over here 24/7 .. I'm dead serious.. The other day Anton took me and Javi into town and Javi wouldn't let my hand go.. he'd kiss me ever now and then on the back of the head, cheek, hold me.. hug me.. I couldn't believe him... He's.. too sweet...
Lastnight he stayed... for hours... like half the day.. in my room.. ... he feel asleep and I just watched him a bit and let him sleep ...
Brook isn't out of my head but I can't stand the fact that I still think of him...
Jaiver... is too nice and.... I just really dont' know what to do with him...

.. .but he is comming over and what should be 30minutes so I need to put on my face... ...

... ..
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