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leftofcool (profile) wrote,
on 12-27-2004 at 2:24am
someone asked about me. about me? about me: i am 20. i drink to silence my brain. i eat late at night because sometimes i feel like otherwise there is nothing to hold me down. i should think faster and talk slower. i should clean up my language. my mother told me i should seek a career in the greeting card industry... i think that may be because there isn't really a line of greeting cards for assholes. i love my brother and i often think he is the coolest. there are friends i wish i had kept in better touch with and friends im not sure that i should have. tonight i went ice skating in forest park. the past two days prior to that i went climbing but i am out of shape. i dont take pictures of myself at obscure angles to look better. what you see is what you get. im generally laid back. i no longer have any piercings and never had any tattoos. i have fallen for a girl against my will because after i go back to school on sunday i wont really see her because she is moving away. today she woke up in my bed in my tshirt and it still smells like her. i was once young and full of promise (as we all were...). I am still learning. I am on the verge of an entire shift in the direction of my life. I recentley lost my best friends younger brother to suicide. I have worn the same ring on my thumb for five years, and the relationship it came from is the only thing i would choose to change about my past if possible. someone once described me as 'insidious' which means 'enticing but harmful' (as in... an insidious drug). perhaps they were talking about my sharp tounge. i will still go to class in the morning even after i have stayed up the entire night while you vomit and talk shit on the bathroom floor. i am a good sport and a good friend. the NHL lockout is dampening my winter. i write letters of appreciation without occasion, enjoy poetry, vanilla, and ending up on top of the sears tower in the winter to see the lights in the snow.
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