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xobabiphatox (profile) wrote,
on 12-27-2004 at 11:32pm
Current mood: exhausted
Music: Solange* Feel Good Song

Still hard to believe she's pregnant.. The Eagles are losing! =D Yes..made two CD's just now. But I'm exhausted cuz I went shopping for 8 hours

12:30-5:00 Shopping with Taylor! @ Cherry Hill Mall
5:00-8:30 Shopping with Taylor, Javonne, & Cristina @ our lil ghetto Burlington Center

funn ... I spent uhm $170 out of $230 not including a $50 certificate @ Victoria's Secret...smell good, free stuff, undies, funnn I got like 6 sweaters at Deb for $35...they were the same sweater in different colours! lol Oh me and Tay decided I wear a different scent for each guy :) lol that'll be fun. I saw Chadd with two D's & Peach's kids again. I'm goin dere tomorrow. Im going crazy w/o my handbook. Oh yes...haha Eagles!! =P Yea "I'm a Michigan whore" and I'm damn proud too! She wouldn't let me buy this matching red bra & thong..and yea she was like "wat happened? u used to be small like look at you" .. the madness won't stop. We tried guessing how many people thought we were lesbians.

Yo.. I had Baskin Robbins Choc Chip cookie Dough..its been tooooo long! Missed Days...upset about that but it's 11:38.. and Im tired as hell and I wanna see all the stuff I bought! lip gloss & liner, it's gorgeouss...<3


hey baby I got the potion, take a sip of this and put ya dick in motion..

Still working like a slave learnin tricks of the trade
In a ghetto state of mind, say I'm rich and Im paid
Pickin records like cotton in the thick of the day
So I'm spoiled and I'm rotten in a sinister way
- Luda

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