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dumbblonde1137 (profile) wrote,
on 12-28-2004 at 9:58pm
Current mood: cold
Music: fallout boy
Subject: cuz i never say no to you...

today was fun. woke up, got ready and my dad took me and my brohter and his friend to boomers. met up with krisitn when i got there and we stood in line for like 4998423 hrs. in line we saw this fat 6 year-old girl/tranny thing's crotch!! and she had no underwear on. it was dreadful!! we almost cried!! haha got in played the game kristin is addicted to and rode the merry-go-round (well at least i did). hung out with jonathon, britton, john and sum kid then gustavo and jeremy came. saw justin t. and yeah it was mostly jus me kristin and gustavo hanging out. haha we ran into chris. he was with his sister and brother. awww his lil bro was sooo cute i wanted to pinch his lil cheeks!. lol sorry. anyways we got free food lol and jus hung out/played games. i saw jay playing DDR for like 4390843 hours. i also ran into josh (from the mall) and he remembered me and gave me a hug,..gosh hes cute. <33. he was with his "rocker" cousin from georgia and thought me and her wuld get no. but yeah. oh yeah i also saw bryan again!! haha. me and kristin kept getting like stalked by these dorky/weird guys. it was funny. her and gustavo kept making me go outside w/ them and sit and it was sooo freaking cold..

me: omg, im so cold i cant even feel my legs. kristin, can you see them?
kristin: um...hahahaha if i can see them so can you.
me: oops! i meant can u feel them!! hahah

^^lmao im a fucking retard. but yeah it was fun. left at 8 came home went to camilas saw wat she did to our notebook...haha. then got the keys to her house so i can dogsit while shes in georgia.

**anyone wanna chill during break? call, comment, or IM me. =]

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