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puddlejumper526 (profile) wrote,
on 12-28-2004 at 11:33pm
Subject: SHA BAM!

>> > > . i can't go on not loving you

hello children.
what's going on. whole lotta nothing here actually & it feels quite good. back from my grandparents. got back today around 1. and damn that feels good too. came back 85 dollars richa, baaaby. mm mm. my brother is friggin cool shit. my brother charlie anyway. my other brothers suck ass.

IM HOOKED AND I CANT STOP STARING! hahaha, dude.. okay, i went bowling with jason and braxton and there was this other guy that had the niiiicest ass, omg.. it was beautiful. but then he left :(

christmas was lovely, omg.. funniest story:

my cousins boyfriend sam, totally plastered right, tickled me earlier and later i was walking into the kitchen and i stopped because my family was playing texas hold'em and sam was standing watching, well he grabbed my side.. and i freaked out and turned around to walk away/get away and whatnot and i smacked into the wall.. fucking hilarious.

laughed for a good 10 minutes. and sam was drunk so it was 10x more funnier to him & for me too.. hahah.

hmm.. i dunno what else. i suppose i'll talk about tonite.

sat around and did nothing really all day, watched tv.. called a handful of people but didn't answer, couldn't do anything, had to work, ect. and a few hours after i call jason he calls me back and asked if i wanted to go bowling with him and braxton, so we left & ect, bowled, they did.. i was lazy & i suck waay bad compared to them.. so i watched which i enjoy more than playing.. they played like 4 games and we left and randomly drove & fuckered around, then went to braxtons and jason played football on xbox and then they played halo, and then jason took me home and went home. which leads me here :) > !! <

funniest thing this weekend though, sunday.. justin calls me and asks if i can do anything, then later around 12, jason and a bunch of random people w/ him call me and want me to hang out with them.. still at my grandparents here.. and then monday kylee calls me & says shes by my house and wants to hang out and ect. and i told her we'd do it another day since i wasn't home, ect. and then jason & braxton called and said they were coming to get me >thinking i was home< and i was like okay, at my grandparents 2 and a half hours away, kaaayy. haha it was fun and entertaining and it was a bunch of random people i never talk to, it was weird.

austin talked to me online today, what a fucking bastard, i hope he motherfucking dies. if he EVER READS THIS FUCK YOU AUSTIN YOU DIRTY LITTLE FUCKING HORNY BASTARD, KEEP YOUR DICK IN YOUR PANTS.
our conversation consists of him IMing me saying hey, me saying hey back, him asking whats up, me saying nothing you, him saying bored and horny, me going that's suprising and that was basically the end of our conversation. who the fuck does that, seriously. that's like something guys did in 7th grade. i'm bored and horny. and i'm fucking sorry buddy i'm fucking over your bastard ass [actually that was a long time ago, but i'm just restating it.] and anything that has to do with you. i'm fucking tired of guys like him, i know what he's said, i know what he's after. FUCK YOU. i'm done with that shit, it'll never happen again. i don't care what anybody thinks. i will not do anything with him.

rant of the night.

theres something else i could go into, but i don't want to say it publicly. i told karlie about it. and i'll post it on here, but so nobody can see it and then whoever can ask about it.

okee, going to bed now, gotta hair appt at 8 in the morning tomorrow. yay for highlights. nightynight
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