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pamela (profile) wrote,
on 12-29-2004 at 3:26pm
Current mood: poohy
Subject: Never let me dye my hair again...ever, stop me if i try! put a gun to my head if you must! ahhhhhhh! lol
so dying my hair was not a good idea at all. i want to go blonde again, i hate my hair how it is now. but...because i went soooo dark from my blonde, a color in a box will only lighten it, it'll never cover it up. so! i either home strip the color or have it professionally done, which is like loads of money. but my parents are like totally awesome and i guess are going to pay for my hair to be normal again. they're awesome, so i have to call my buddy jenny at ponapolus and see what she can do! woohoo! on a better note, tonight i get to go to a bowling party at the coaches house and get to lose all my money gambling and playing poker! ow ow! plus like my best buddy bethy is going too! woot woot! today has be a pretty good day! yay!
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