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mizu87 (profile) wrote,
on 12-29-2004 at 11:55pm
Current mood: fine bit tired
Did nothing for christmas, Javier came over and I really can't even remember. Christmas eve got an art case from Mrs. Brown and then Javier got me a pillow duck from wal mart and then his mama got me some candy.. no tree, no lights... just me.
Don't know if I've said this before but Brook is still on my mind... I don't like it either.... at wal mart with javier and anton... there was this baby infront of us, her mama said her name was Brook... funny huh? then a few days ago at the cafe some lady's son was a libra and I was wondering if his birthday was in sept like mine, she said not.. Oct. 19 was his birthday... he was 24... Brook is 21 and that is the same birthday as his... .. ..
I might.. well. I was afraid of this... Javier... I think....I think I've really been playing with him.. I don't know I'm so fucked up in the head I just need to leave the guys alone. I think I'm looking for a friend not a boyfriend because. i don't know.. I can kiss him but... i ... don't want to get all hot with him anymore...
Tonna is selling a Mercury Tracer, 86, white for $900, it's gonna be my car. Nice and new on the inside and everything works but one seatbelt so.. yep.. I'm gonna learn how to drive standard and get a lisence and yep ... mine.
... drank lastnight with javier and threw the bottles at the church bell.. the bottles are broken and stuck on the roof because neither of us could throw worth two fucking cents.

A car... I can't wait.. it needs a bodykit.. despretly.. but.. yeah..

Got my first $12.50 tip today.. 4 guys.. Jakeeta was talking to them then stood by the cashresgester as they checked out so she is the one who really got me the tip... how nice ^^ really nice ^^!

.. Been playing Halo 2 with Javier and my brother.. that and Guilty Gear .. love that game! It's in Japanese! Haven't been learning much Japanese.. School be starting up soon.. great...

... I .. don't know don't feel like typing anymore.. I don't get on much anymore do I?
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