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frumpy (profile) wrote,
on 12-30-2004 at 2:06pm
Current mood: fangirlyyyyy
Music: one big video game + invader zim soundtrack
Subject: not alien sex!!1 :O
Hope everyone is enjoying their winter holiday so far ^^

I've been home from California for a few days now, and since then, as a result of buying myself Invader Zim dvds for Christmas (MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME, HAHA I'M SUCH A LOSER) I've been rekindling the small flame that was my IZ obession in 8th grade (ahhhh why did I ever leave it? It's such a great showwwww~~)

I've been doodling the characters off and on, which has been difficult, particularly since I haven't attempted irkens before (see exhibit a: teh suck Zim sans source) I want to get good at them though so I can draw lots of Red and Purple~ <333 (they're my favorites, if you can't tell, ufufufu XP) Regan thinks I should make a Red/Purple doujinshi (OTP!!1! but no alien smexin' I promise!! XPPP) I also found Tallest Miyuki quotes, which makes me want to draw her too *tallest whore* ^___^

I've also been finding plenty of fanfics as well.. I knew that people slashed Dib and Zim all the time (??!1) but I never read any fics before (mainly because it squicks the heck outta me) but last night I did just for shits. GAHA IT'S SO HILARIOUS AND DISTURBING, ESPECIALLY THE ONES WHERE THEY FALL IN LUB!!!11! <3 XDDD Still not my cup of tea of course.. but the other reason I couldn't finish it any was because I was laughing too hard (omg naive virgin!Zim...) However, are some good R/P ficcers (which IS my cup of tea, whoooooo!!), including one where Red assasinates Purple~ uuu it's so sad ;____; *weepu* I love that whole love/hate dynamic :D


Omigawsh, why am I so weird?? XD

In any case all this should keep me entertained until July 16th when HARRY POTTER SIX IS PUBLISHED, WAHOOOOO~!! >3<

/end pointless fangirling
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