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dumbblonde1137 (profile) wrote,
on 12-30-2004 at 5:33pm
Current mood: maddd tired
Music: dive in by CCR
Subject: everythings spinning, its like im not living...

today, i was homeless--

--or at least felt like i was. allie called me at like 11ish and we hung out. we jus started walking and randomly walked around publix once then we wandered over to boca winds. when we finalllly got there, we sat on the steps at town hall and literally fell asleep there. lol. what bums! then we decided to walk more but didnt wanna go home yet so we walked deeper into boca winds. then allie had to pee reallllly bad so we stopped at one of the community pools but the gate was locked. so sum kind sir unlocked it for us!! then we had to pee in the boys bathroom since the girls was locked? then we tried to leave and the fucking gate was locked. so we jus sat on the ground and started cracking up. so the kind sir got outta the pool and unlocked the gate for us. <3 then we kept walking and ended up near jeremys neighborhood. we were gunna walk home but literally we couldnt feel (or see) our legs! LMAO. so i had an idea......we can take the bus from the stop right there to the one in front of loggers run middle wuld cut at least 30 mins from our walk home. all good except one problem: we need $1.20 for the bus fare. so i called up jeremy and he, being the saint that he is, told us to come right on there and they gave us money =] and we chilled with him and nick in the garage. jeremy was singing "On the Way Down" and nick kept falling out of a wheelchair. then katie came over and then tyler (tall dude) and sum other dude came over. then me and allie left to catch the bus. bus came and we boarded it and got to pull the "Stop Requested" thing and we got off, and walked to allies. omg we ate food and it never tasted so heavenly in my life....i hadnt eaten/drank anything since last night at dinner. then we watched tv, nicole called me and i went to go see her haircut. then she helped me walk camilas dog. then i went home. now im gunna eat pizza for dinner and then go chill with alina and steph. <33 gosh i havent seen them in forever!! so yeah. being homeless is funny. haha


Honorary Hero #1= MAN (kind sir)
Honorary Hero #2= Jeremy and Nick
Honorary Hero #3= Big Fat Black Bus Driver

^^(thank u too all the above for helping me and allie in our time of need....hahahahaha)
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