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killjoy (profile) wrote,
on 12-30-2004 at 9:22pm
Subject: Blessed suicide
Lying in the bathtub,
Cutting every vain.
Watching the bath fill with blood,
And drowning here in pain.

It's about an inch deep,
And I've got so much more to go.
Wondering if I should turn water on high
and watch it overflow.

I remember my father,
I saw him last when I was eleven.
I think it's my time to see him again
and be with him in heaven.

But when I get to the gates,
And look down and wish me well.
I will spend eternity
burning in the pits of hell.

I'm hardly here and
regret what I have done,
wish I thought twice
beofore I had the blade and begun.

I'm lying here in my watery
Blood, no one to hear my cries,
I look up and see Gods face
with my very eyes.

I hold his hand and talk
as I repeant and we begin to walk.
so now there is nothing else to hide
this is what you truly call a blessed suicide.

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