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blair (profile) wrote,
on 12-31-2004 at 10:09am
here are some thoughts as of late.

01. myspace is a terrible place full of terrible people.
02. 1up is an interesting sort of gamers paradise, but I'm unsure about it as of yet.
03. soap operas are beautiful. <3
04. the person you kiss at midnight tonight is supposed to be the person you spend the rest of the year with.
05. if you want to read some depressing and odd poetry, then venture on over to my secret livejournal and do just that.

I miss Brendan. and you probably have no clue who Brendan is, unless Andy's reading this. Scott and I got to talking about him last night, as we occasionally do.

four years ago, Scott and Brendan kept me up all freaking night 'cause they thought it was important for me to be awake when it was midnight on the west coast. I think we talked it up in a sW chatroom. last year, Jesse called me on New Year's Eve or Day. I'm not too sure, to be frank. but he called me and we remininsced. this year I'm going to call Scott at midnight his time to tell him happy freaking new year, even if I am hanging out with Jason then.

I kind of want to kiss Jason at midnight. I've never gotten into the tradition, and lord knows I'm afraid of what Jason and I could have. but still. if it ever stops raining, I'll venture the 31 miles to his apartment then meet his friends this evening. my sister will be ringing in the new year in Arizona. I would be there if Judy and Marshall had flown down from Anchorage yet. pooh on them. <3

this is all.
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