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rockon14 (profile) wrote,
on 12-31-2004 at 1:46pm
Current mood: awake
Music: Phantom
Subject: Here they thoughts on the Phantom movie
Phantom here we go.

After missing the show on wed. (which, you all know how incredibly pissed I was about this) my group and I set out *early* the next day to catch a showing.

And here's what I thought...

I have been waiting for this movie since April. I know this isn't really saying much because there are some phantom fans out there who have been waiting for years and years. I really don't know how they pulled that off because just the anticipation of a few months really got to me. I really wanted to fall in love with this movie and just have it be this beautiful thing that I can't even describe in words. The singing...ehh I could go on forever about that. I didn't mind Gerry (Phantom) so much. I had already had time to hear him and get used to him, and I mean come on, this guy had never had vocal training before. I think for him to make the leap into a singer and into this role was quite impressive. Okay, so if I really really wanted to analize his vocal performace, of course it sucked, but I like to think of him as the little engine that could. He's a trooper...and I'm proud of him for what he did up there. Emmy (Christine) on the other hand I rather disliked. For someone who has supposedly been training in voice for the majority of her life this was a very very poor performance. She in no way at all sounded like an opera diva...which is what Christine is supposed to sound like. Her voice is childish and more pop than opera...just not good for this role. I could go into more but I won't. Patrick (Raoul) was good. I have no comment on his because his voice did push me too much in either direciton.

Sorry about all of that, but hey, I'm a vocal perfomance major...what can you expect

As for the moive itself, after the first showing I was sure of my feelings about it. I just sat there and said "I don't know if I liked that" which really got to me because I really wanted to like it. My big thing was that they made Erik (the Phantom...yes he does have a freakin' name) out to be more of a villian. But of course they do this in most moive versions of Phantom. I really think that after my first viewing I was just upset because of the ending and that was sticking with me. I always hate the ending. I'm such a E/C girl.

Now for my beef with Mr. Joel S

I thought his direction of this movie was pretty good and didn't have a problem with him until today. I was watching him in this interview and he made the commment that he has no compassion for the character of Erik in the book. His reasoing was that it was mentioned that Erik worked for the Sha in Persia for a period of time. Joel went on to say that this ment he had his own harem and was adored at court so there was no way he could feel any compassion for this character, and that was why he changed Erik's past for the movie.
This is complete bullshit. It's so fucking obvious that Erik is a virgin at the end of the novel because he's so touched when Christine let's him kiss her ON THE FOREHEAD!!!!!!!! Erik has never felt any sort of adoration or love...and if you ever read the book and pay any sort of attention you can see that in bright bold letters. I mean that's what makes him such a sad character. Even the author describes him as haveing a heart that could have held the whole world but had to be content with a celler. That is what makes Erik my favorite character in all of literature. He's such an ass for thinking that the character of Erik does not deserve compassion.

But as for the movie ( he he, back on topic) after seeing it two more times. I've decided that I like it. It's not perfect, but I like it.

okay...I'm done. I'm sorry if this text comes out all blocked. This sutpid computer has a habit of making it that way.
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