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dumbblonde1137 (profile) wrote,
on 1-1-2005 at 12:47am
Current mood: tired/madd(grr)
Music: good charlotte
Subject: are you ashamed of the life you're living?

new years eve is boring. today i went to the mall with jeremy, nick, kristin, maggie, and gustavo. it was fun. then got a ride home from manny and he took us to the fireworks store and i almost got in trouble for getting home late. then i ate dinner with the family..gahh annoying. then i was soo bored cuz everyone already had plans so i jus walked outta the house and called jeremy and he told me to go to scotts cuz thats where everyone was chilling. nicole calls so her mom takes us there. hung out with everyone...anthony, eric, scott, lauren, luci, gustavo, jeremy, nick, and sum other kid. me and nicole talked about stuff cough cough. haha then maria amanda and their friends showed up. they saw someone before they came over and yeah. i heard sum shit. so im pissed at that. then it got boring so me and nicole decided to walk home even tho both our parents told us we werent allowed to. whatever. so we took the long way and i thought i saw my dad driving by so i jumped a fence and fell in the dirt and hid on the ground/behind a tree....and it turned out that it wasnt even my dad!! ahh. so me and nicole got to my house and watched the new years thing on mtv. ahhh ryan cabrera is a sexy mama! <33. then we celebrated new years together!! haha. walked outside and danny threw fireworks at us then she got piked up and now im here. bored. and pissed.

-god. how can u say something to someone and make them feel like the top of ur world and then turn around and do the same to another? ...i know we've talked about this before and i know how you feel about the both of us...but it still hurts. and u promised me you would tell me when you were gunna hang out with her. and u didnt even call to say happy new years. whatever.

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