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melikepeas (profile) wrote,
on 1-1-2005 at 9:31pm
Current mood: loved
Music: alk3 - goodbye forever
Subject: happy new year etc blah blah
Last night/this morning was completely amazing.
Went to see house of the flying daggers with Chris, it was very very very pretty (although maybe that girl in it was a little too pretty, may have to stamp on her face a bit). Although the story line was a bit, well... and there was this very annoying horses bum that kept changing colour and hair length. Gay.
We went back to his after that and watched Ross noble, which I was pleasantly surprised by. And then we basically had the best time doing nothing very much really and then it was 2005.
It was nice to sleep next to him ^_^, heís just right not too much of a cuddly sleeper but just cuddly enough. V comfy bed. My pyjamas still smell like his room, v nice.
It was quite unnerving however to wake up to find him watching me sleep, i hate that, freaks me out a bit. But anyway after that, he went for his jog and i got in the shower etc however when he got back we just got back into the ol' pjs and stopped in bed until 12 ^_^ best ever. He read the paper and I watched cartoons. And then we both watched Dick and Dom which was most amusing indeed, and then robin hood the cartoon version, was strangely attracted to the robin hood fox (didnít tell Chris that though). Was nice.
but then I had to go to work which ruined my life because I would have quite happily stayed there all day long.
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