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frumpy (profile) wrote,
on 1-2-2005 at 7:15pm
Current mood: determined
Music: dib's mission + iz soundtrack (help!)
Subject: offeeshal new year's resolutions
(x-posted from my LJ just because I thought all of you here might like to know :D)

After a little bit of crunching numbers, I have planned out some new short term goals for myself, which, for this time of year will be considered resolutions. The best part of these is that doing one will make me do the other. mwahyes, I am a GENIUS, uhrhurhur >D


+ Starting with about half of my Christmas money this year, save $500 by March. I'm letting myself keep a little less than 30% of my allowance for spending, so at least I won't be completely poor and have to tap into my savings. If all goes well, I won't see this money again until July. ^__^

+ If I keep saving in this manner until May, I could get myself something really cool for my birthday (because it seems I always get everything for myself anyway.. woo independent! XP)

+ Okay, here's where the genius part comes. If I am to be saving, that means I can't be buying myself all the junky food I keep getting at school (twix bars, soda pop, coffees; curse you, tiger den!) but this is GOOD because I should be eating healthier anyway, PARTICULARLY the very nice lunches my mother makes me (I mean, she doesn't have to be making me anything, I'm a bad daughter ><) And I'm sure that'll compensate for nothing but all the holiday food that has stuffing my sound hole full for the past two weeks. aaahhh that's no good!! XPPP not because of weight gain or anything (OH NOEZ IF I EAT TOO MUCH I WIL B SO FAT!!111!) but because all the rich food gives me nightmares and makes me wake up in the middle of the night. I NEED MY SLEEP *scary bloodshot face*

+ And one irrelevent to above plans, but still a goal a have every year ongoing: GETTING BETTER AT MY DRAWING AND NEVER STOP PRACTISING. Right now especially fooling around with eyes, hair, and FOLDS IN CLOTHING *hates it so much* AND COLORING TOO BECAUSE I SUCK. I want to be reeeeeeeally good *___* Probably the whole underlying goal for this is to just be faster. I'm much more than I was last year and this year I want to do better ><

Yay for goals! *is totally pumped up* Wish me luck, all! :D
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