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revealedinsilenc3 (profile) wrote,
on 1-3-2005 at 11:09am
Current mood: sleepy
Music: I'm not okay. {MCR}
Subject: ! b@ck !
.... so we're back in school. woo fucking hoo..nope!! blah. life is okay and shizzle. I havent cut myself in about 3 weeks.. although i've had more then many erges ( <<-prolly spelt wrong bc i cant spell of shiznat!! ) anyway.. Vacation was eright. better then being in this fricken school. I spent X-Mas eve with my family @ my house. though we broke the tradition of waiting til 12am to open presents.. me n my aunt ended up opening them @ 9. nice. then I ended up getting sick the next day for about the rest of the vacation but o wells. I got new Vans an Dcs by the way! Woot!! Yeah for Kim!!!I wanted to get drunk so bad duren vaca.. but obviously i didnt. :( bllahh!! Tiltingz back to school..!! Shes been gone since forever but atleast shes otayy. :) .. I'm gunna start working soon so i can save up money for when i go to florida in July <3muhaha!seriously cant fucking wait to get out of this town and seeing the same people!! .... neway although i got another email that kind of pissed me off ( i wont get into it ) im not gunna let it get to me :) .. it wasnt ment to hurt me or nething but its just so fucking annoying!!! well ...i have gym today .. this should b good... o yeah leah thanks for leaving a comment thingy lol .. 69!! woot!!! erighty.. i dunno wut else to write so yeah im out laterr.
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