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talithe (profile) wrote,
on 1-3-2005 at 12:53am
Subject: Searching for reasons why time passes by..
Just another post it seems, but this time around there is much more content harboring in my mind. Content I don't feel necessary to mention to get across the way that I feel now -- pretty good. And, yet, mildly perturbed at recent events.

However, to try to explain my slight happiness: Christmas gifts included a television, DVD player, mobile desk for my laptop, samurai sword set with rack, and Celtic tarot cards, among so much more. I have yet to set up, or open any of those gifts. They are all lying on my room floor. Untouched. I even received one of those nifty body pillows (as a joke to substitute the lack of boyfriends in my life), which came with a velvety pillow case. Yet, even that, I have only slept with twice since Christmas.

Suffice to say: I have been that happy. I'm hardly home these days, my mother complains about missing my face.. which I have yet to believe. A lady at work has been persistent about having me live with her in her newly paid for and relatively expensive apartment. Which is about a three minute drive, or a twenty minute walk away from my current residence. To that I say, Hellllll no.

Sure, I'll get privacy that I can't say I'll find at home. But, being that I've hardly been home much at all these days, I don't see that as a problem anymore. And so I am content. And so I've been saving up a good sum of money since working for my new-ish job of three months. I'll probably sign up for college in the spring, or fall if I spent too much money by then. Then signing up for college means I am placed under my father's insurance, which will be quite alright with me.

I'm going to finish up a wallpaper, look for some first aid, and then snatch the Counter Strike disc in front of me and install it onto my computer. Heh... even though the computer right next to me is all set to go. But it's not mine. ;)
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